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Baby Bhudda LP PBS 114: BABY BUDDHA - Music For Teenage Sex (LP)(IP)



Even in 1981 we had to be careful with the law ... the model used for this front cover shot was in her 20s even though she looked 12 or so. San Francisco's 415 Records had issued a single of BB's off the wall techno rendition of Stand By Your Man. Its interpreters, Charles Hornaday and David Javelosa then approached me about doing a full length effort. As "borrowed" vocalist Kathy Peck was still involved, I agreed. Kathy is now executive director for the H.E.A.R. foundation, educating the public and musicians in particular as to the dangers to hearing posed by amplified music.


Tatjana Balazs PBCD 8161-2: TATJANA BALAZS - The Complete Etudes - Chopin. (CD)

Available for audio visual licensing 


ROTR Vol 3 PBS 140: BANGLES - Bitchen Summer (COMP)(LP)

For a facsimile of the original liner notes for this selection, including an interview with the artist and rare photos of the group then known as the Bangs who became The Bangles please click here

It does not seem possible that it has been 16 years since the Bangs took the stage at the Whisky and seduced the L.A. hardcore scene with their harmonies and beautifully crafted songs. Just as the girls were signing to Columbia Records (now Sony) they made sure Posh Boy would receive on behalf of Rodney Bingenheimer this surf instrumental for inclusion in the third Rodney album. Owing to their continued thoughtfulness we gained permission to include it later on compact disc for The Best of..., available through Rhino Records.


Black Flag: Louie Louie 7" single PBS 13: BLACK FLAG - Louie, Louie (45)
There was a period in the early 80's when SST Records and Posh Boy were closely allied. Posh Boy released many early recordings by SST and New Alliance bands on the Future Looks Bright cassette and the relationship culminated in Posh Boy releasing this Black Flag single. SST's Ray Pettinbon designed several Posh Boy sleeves. Later the relationship soured and Posh Boy voluntarily removed all the SST material in accordance with SST's wishes.


ROTR Vol 1 PBS 106: BLACK FLAG -No Values (COMP)(LP)

For a facsimile of the original liner notes from the original Rodney On The Roq special edition Flipside including an interview with the group and lyrics for this song please click here

Originally Black Flag wanted us to include Police Story. Perhaps a change of lead singer was the cause of the switch.


ROTR Vol 2 PBS 123: BLACK FLAG -Rise Above (COMP)(LP)

Included on Rodney On The Roq Volume 2.
For a facsimile of the original liner notes for this selection, including an interview with the artist and lyrics for this song from the original Rodney On The Roq Volume 2 album Flipside magazine insert please click here 
and here


Punk And Disorderly CD PBCD 131-2: BLITZ - Someone's Gonna Die (COMP)(CD)(IP)

Contained on the Punk and Disorderly compact disc.


Bron Area: You Would Be Amazed 7" PBS 16: BRON AREA - You Would Be Amazed (45)


No picture sleeves made PBS 35: BUDDY SYSTEM - Read My Lips (45) - only 100 pressed
This was a track that should have been on their album; it was kept off due to the group's feeling of embarrassment about it ... exactly the same sentiments expressed by Gleaming Spires about their hit Are You Ready For The Sex Girls, which the Spires originally wanted to use as a humble non-l.p. B side. Unfortunately with the Buddy System, my financial partner - Chameleon - had usurped all decision making. Even though Posh Boy paid for the recording, the group withheld the master tape. This promotional single was mastered from a cassette.


The Buddy System CD 8149-2: THE BUDDY SYSTEM - The Buddy System (CD) (CEMA catalog # D2-74750)


This group was supposed to become huge. My distributor Chameleon hijacked the entire project from me, hence no Posh Boy logo on the artwork. Just to have the correct copyright notice (P 1988 Posh Boy Records) involved a screaming match; complete absurdity was reached when Chameleon tried to charge me back for a record release party in the band's hometown of Boston to which I had not been invited. Meanwhile we were all listening to Big Black (Steve Albini's group) in the Chameleon warehouse.


CMJ Presents: Certain Damage Vol 1 CMJ CD 0001: THE BUDDY SYSTEM -The Nicest Man Alive (COMP)(CD)

Included on their first promotional (double) CD, intended for radio programmers.




Updated December 1999