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Chuck "New Wave" Nolan - 12/27/00 19:12:48
My Email:charles.nolanjr@gte.net
Where From: san jose, CA
Favorite Record: too many to name!
Favorite Band: Iggy, Replacements, DEVO, etc.
Favorite Myth About Posh Boy: that J. Miro wants me to be her doormat!
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: Zolar-X!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am at my wits end looking for info on this wild looking 70's glam band I found a pic of in a '75 issue of Rock Scene! You will DIE when you see them! go here www.geocities.com/zolarx1/ They make DEVO look like the Everly Brothers! God, I'm begging, if anyone has any info, stories, pix, or contact info on this band, these pix alone make them worthy of legendary status! A big shout out to POSH BOY! I got the NUNS first a year ago, and love it! Dying to see video from them.

John - 12/27/00 02:01:46
My Email:jc3838@aol.com
Where From: Boston
Favorite Record: Rodney on ROQ vol. 2
Favorite Band: Social Distortion

Hello! I was in college in the early 80's and played many a Posh Boy record during my radio show. One song I am looking for (and it may not be from a Posh Boy band, but I don't know where else to turn) is a long time fave from that era. I don't know the name of the band, but it had kind of an industrial sound, the vocal was 2 girls confessing the rotten things they did to each other's stuff, and at the end of each verse the singer said "but I'm sorry." I know it isn't much to go on, but that is all I can remember at this time. I hope that, if you don't know the name of the band, at least you could point me in the direction of someone who could help? Hell Comes To Your House was a great fave! Loved the Social Distortion stuff on it!

Crille - 12/27/00 01:43:01
My Email:masslakt@hem.passagen.se
Where From: Sweden
Favorite Record: Group sex / Circle Jerks.
Favorite Band: C.J., The Fear, The F.u.'s, Black Flag, Angry Samoans, The Lewd, Government Issue etc...

Hi! I have three questions: 1. Does Posh Boy sign new bands too? 2. Anybody knows what Keith Morris/ Circle Jerks is up to...? 3. What did the old LA-punkband The Fuckups record/release, any chance of that being released on cd...? Ok, that's all. Rock on! -Crille

Nick - 12/22/00 21:38:28
My Email:shootjunk@aol.com

Hey Robbie, yeah I played that show at bogarts with no original members. We figured if there was money to be had, Snickers would show. But we were wrong. It was funny, Jim from The Crowd was laughing at us all night long, but he too said he thought it was pretty good. Anyway some guy name Jim Barnes (I think) who had a studio in santa ana recorded the show. I heard an unmixed tape and it sounded pretty good. If I find it, I'll send you a copy. Also I'm sending you a CD of my band Dodge Dart. Take care

Mike Desert - 12/20/00 08:38:33
My Email:budgetrock@aol.com
Where From: Palm Springs/ S.F.
Favorite Record: Funhouse, Radios Appear, Tyranny&Mutation,
Favorite Band: Hawkwind, the Kids, Minutemen, C.O.C., Void, St Vitus, Redd Kross, Ramones,LEWD, VKTMS, Lightning Hopkins
Favorite Myth About Posh Boy: Robbie Fields is a PREVERT!
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: classic 7"'s comp I guess (dont buy CD's- EVIL!)

Why no info on TARGET 13? Doesn't Robbie live in Palm Desert where they're from?

* The Man from Phuket responds *

If you look hard enough you'll find several mentions of Target 13 on this site.

Try this URL:
As for myself, I no longer live in Palm Desert having moved to Thailand almost 4 years ago.

nick sjobeck - 12/20/00 04:57:37
My Email:shootjunk@aol.com
Where From: costa mesa
Favorite Record: circle jerks group sex
Favorite Band: www.dodgedart.net

Hey there, I played bass in the last incarnation of the simpletones 91-94. the first beach blvd. reunion show (summer of 91 at old world) was recorded on 16 track.Do you know who has the masters and if they're gonna do anything with it? thanks

* The 7th Simpletone Replies *

Did you play that show at Bogart's? That was the only show of the neo Simpletones that I saw. The band that night with Josh Freese drumming was terrific. I was a little hostile before the show, seeing that no original members were playing (Snickers did not make it to his own show!); but the guys who played were better, a lot better, than the original guys.

This is the first I have heard of any live 16 track recording.

Kevin - 12/20/00 04:01:14
My Email:thefinger@ihateclowns.com
Where From: O.C.
Favorite Record: Shattered Faith (Live), Heaven's Closed, HVY DRT, All By Myself, Dance With Me
Favorite Band: Shattered Faith, Adolescents, D.I., Flower Leperds,
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: Catch 22 Demos

Hey Robbie, bitchen site! Two things: 1). Is it true that the Klan '45 is the only vinyl that had a gold label?

Answer : Not 100% sure, but the gold label background was definitely an anomaly.

2). I have the Catch 22 '45, but the version of "Long Way Down" seems different than one that I had taped off the radio 50 years ago. Is it from a separate session? I also had another song "The Good Life", but have seemed to lost the tape. Do you still have those recordings and if you do, how 'bout a re-release on '45?

Answer : Could well have been a different recording. The 45 version of LWD came off a demo cassette, as I recall. I think there was another song on the cassette that we chose not to use. "The Good Life" is unknown to me. However, I really don't think there is much of any demand for Catch 22 re-releases, judging from the demand these past 10 years for their single.

kelly - 12/16/00 05:11:28
My Email:thekellyaffair@aol.com
Where From: san diego
Favorite Record: josie cotton "convertible music"
Favorite Band: X, buzzcocks, dickies, weirdos, nuns, josie cotton, gogos, etc...
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: "the women of california punk rock and new wave" compilation

about a year ago i heard that the nuns' lead singer, the beautiful jen miro passed away, i was pretty sad about it. i have looked all over the internet and can't seem to find any proof that this is true. can someone tell me if this is a rumor, and if it s not, what happened?

Robbie writes :

I doubt this rumor is true. Please check out the Nuns' web-page for the latest news on the band, last updated within the past 2 months.


Jonathan Hollowell - 12/13/00 11:51:32
My Email:jonathan.hollowell@history.oxford.ac.uk
Where From: St. Peter's College, Oxford University

Dear Posh Boy: I wonder if you could tell me if the online book, _Robbie Fields: A Life_ has been published in traditional book form (not just online) yet? I would like to get a copy in book form so that I can cite from it, unless it is only available o the internet. Many thanks, Jonathan Hollowell St. Peter's College, Oxford University OX1 2DL jonathan.hollowell@history.oxford.ac.uk

* From the revised online edition *

"In January 1971, Robbie Fields trudged around Oxford, knocking on the doors of such obscure Oxford colleges as St Peter's, pleading to be admitted as an undergraduate to the ancient university.

"But without a qualification in either Latin or the ancient Greek language, Fields failed in his attempt to matriculate.

Jonathan, the answer is that, so far, my memoirs exist only in cyber space, incomplete at that. Please e-mail me directly to discuss your proposed citation(s).

Donovan Colbert - 12/09/00 05:47:42
My Email:donovan@mother.com
Where From: Sacramento, California
Favorite Record: Youths of Age
Favorite Band: Adolescents, Pariah, TSOL, DK, Suicidal Tendencies
Favorite Myth About Posh Boy: That they're ever going to f@#kin' re-release Youths of Age on CD.
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: Guess.

Hey... I've got a primo Pariah Flyer in excellent condition from Club Minimal in Sacramento, Ca. You can check it out at http://www.mother.com/~donovan/Minimal/images.htm What does it take to get a copy of Youths of Age? Pariah must be the most obscure punk band in all history, I can't even find 'em on Napster (although I CAN find that freak alternative band that took the same name years later). Somewhere along the line I ost my original vinyl copy of the album, and I'm not above ripping a copy from Napster, although I would certainly pay for a CD version if you guys would get off your ass and burn it. Hell, I think you should send me a copy for free because I am the only person in the world who seems to still remember this band, and actually has one of their flyers in his house. You know it doesn't have to be studio re-mastered, either, right? It is punk, after all.

* Santa Posh responds *

We've had one or two vinyl copies floating around ... but it sounds like you should be looking for the late 1980's Posh Boy TSOL "Thoughts of Yesterday" CD which had the Pariah tracks as a bonus.

In due course, we will start uploading this obscure out of print material to sites like mp3.com once the legal dust has settled.

T.J. - 12/07/00 06:51:31
Where From: Florida
Favorite Record: Adolescent's debut/Beach Blvd. comp.
Favorite Band: Adz/D.I./Crowd/TSOL/Fear
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: Rik L. Rik box set

I know I am a little late in signing this. Please excuse my tardiness. I am a 23 year old Floridian OBSESSED with late seventies/early eighties California punk rock, with particular attention to the Orange County stuff. Just the fact that I am writing from 2000 miles away about Rik is a testament to the impact of his music. I didn't know him. I have no anecdotes about him to share. I just want to extend my deepest sympathies to his friends and family. I loved his recent work with Elecrtic Frakenste , and feel like now that Rik is gone, the world has been robbed of a tremendous talent and a true original. Thanx for everything Rik! You'll always be alive in our stereos.

Owin - 12/05/00 02:27:15
My Email:hype_dawg@go.com
Where From: Surrey, B.C.

I'm in a grade 12 video and film class where we have to create videos that are often complimented by music. I was wondering if I could use some of your's. please e-mail me.

* The former 12th Grade Teacher from Pasadena, Calif. responds *

I take it as a compliment for you to complement your footage with music from my catalog. For non profit, non broadcast use, go ahead and use any of our recordings. If you can identify which songs are published by Covina High Music, all the better for yo to use ours.

John Lowry - 12/04/00 18:03:02
My Email:assassin32@msn.com
Where From: Aliso Viejo

I'm back. Looks like CH3 is playing at the Doll Hut once again on Sat Dec 16/Benefit for the Orangewood Children's Home. I also saw mention on their website of an upcoming show at the Chain Reaction with TSOL. Could it be?

* Robbie responds *

If held a week later, I would be there at the Doll Hut. Anyone want to come to my 48th birthday party to be held in Newport Beach on December 29th? Especially welcome will be those invited to Dexter Holland's bash the same night. Email me!

steven - 11/21/00 05:20:22
My Email:stevenq1@ioa.com
Where From: NC
Favorite Record: Jazz, hardcore when I want to remember being a kid
Favorite Band: SD,Agent Orange, Adolescents,CH3,Shattered Faith,TSOL
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: R.O.T.R. Volume 1,TSOL-Dance with ME, All Shattered Faith

You brought back so many memories, KILLER SITE! Can't wait to get the Posh Boy T-shirt and sport it with pride.

Mike Joyce - 11/15/00 19:46:35
My Email:mjoyce@platinum-design.com
Where From: New York City
Favorite Record: Goo Goo's Hold Me Up, Milo Goes to College
Favorite Band: Agent Orange, Descendents
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: Crowd LP

Robbie: Wow! Thanx so much for the quick response. It's great when people like yourself put the time aside to answer questions regarding things like this. I will definitely contact Paul—thanks for his info. Hey I have another question. I'm a huge Agent Orange fan I remember writing Mike Palm back in 1988 when I was 15 asking him where I could find the self-released Bored With You single. He took the time to write me back and sent the single as well. Do you still have a relationship with those guys? I know Steve S to is in 22 Jacks but what about Scott Miller and James Lavesque, do you know what they are up to? Is there ever plans for Posh Boy to work with the new Agent Orange. Finally, I heard that Living in Darkness was the best selling Posh Boy release ever. Is his true? Do you still receive a good amount of royalties from the Rhino reissues? How does this effect the band? Obviously I am not entitled to all the details as it is none of my business but I've always wondered how the band has survived this long with no major commercial success. Anyway, thanks again and good luck with everything and keep up the great work!

Mike Joyce - 11/14/00 21:35:48
My Email:mjoyce@platinum-design.com
Where From: New York City
Favorite Record: Living in Darkness, Mommies Little Monster
Favorite Band: Agent Orange
Favorite Myth About Posh Boy: Robbie Fields was a Lunatic

Hey Robbie. Amazing that you have such an in-depth site! I've learned so much about the backgrounds of so many bands that I grew up listening to. I started to listen to Posh bands like Agent Orange (in my opinion, the band most ahead of their time on your label) and H3 back in 1986 growing up in Albany New York of all places. In 1994 I moved to manhattan after studying to be a graphic designer. I am now an art director here in Manhattan and I have recently been selected by Print Magazine in their 20 under 30 issue as one of the hottest CD, record and magazine designers in the country. I've worked on countless high profile accounts such as designing the logo for Clive Davis's brand new J records. But I still love designing for the bands I grew up listening to (I'm in t e process of designing American Standard's new CD produced by Dave Smalley and I've done records for Shades Apart produced by ALL. These things excite me not because of the money (I do these great jobs pro-bono) but because I love the DYI spirit and I lov these bands! It would be an absolute thrill and honor to work with you and Posh Boy. If you ever re-release anything (singles or CDs) or put out any new releases please think of me for the design. I can show you or Paul (your NY man) my work anytime. Tha ks and good luck with all!

* Inhuman Resources Department *

Mike, thanks for your very kind words. Providing accurate information is the primary purpose of this site, so I am greatly cheered by your remarks. You should definitely hook up with Paul ... just give him a call at Kostabi World, now located near Chin town in Manhattan.

Dan Luciani - 10/15/00 11:37:01
My Email:sonicdan@hotmail.com
Where From: Luxembourg, Europe
Favorite Record: Living in darkness
Favorite Band: agent orange, adolescents, & 60's stuff
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: the crowd???

Hi folks, I just wanted to let you know that there are some people out there, way far from California, who dig your sounds for nearly 10 years... What's wrong with the old Californian punkrockers?? Too many pass away (Todd, Rik, SD guitarist, etc)... Oh yeah, I have one request - would you send me Tony's email address (or send him mine)? Somehow I lost touch with him, and my last letter, inquiring about the last ADZ-record, never got any response. Hey, Tony, too lazy to write a letter, har har... Aloha, Dan

tony - 10/01/00 09:55:43
Where From: Sierra Madre
Favorite Record: ummagumma
Favorite Band: today it would be the kinks
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: a rik comp

yes, rik continues to be a confusing and devastating loss. thanks for opening up the bounty after the services. your people handled it like family. A year old? already? jeez. should be climbing and jumping offa stuff anytime now! Actually i thought you and david did a great job. it is not easy to lasso a hurricane. it's better to send it off for burgers....

tony - 09/24/00 14:10:21
Where From: Sierra Madre ny way of Anaheim and Glendora
Favorite Record: live at the witch trials
Favorite Band: today i believe it is pink floyd
Favorite Myth About Posh Boy: Well, it's my favorit BY posh boy- that the adolescents could not play when he and david hinds recorded them. They were actually quite competant musicians, they were having trouble harmonizing. They solved this problem by locking rikk IN the studio and locking everyone else OUT. i believe they sent us out to get food, then locked the doors!
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: a nice compilation of rik's stuff would be nice

hi ya robbie, congrats on your son, he's beautiful.

* Papa Robbie Replies *

It's very nice to hear from you, Tony. Thank you for the good wishes regarding my now 1 year old son. I know you lost one of your best friends in L Rik.

Of course, the Adolescents were good musicians, even as teenagers. Gosh, you know how I bow down to both Rikk Agnew and Steve Soto. They and you were amazing in the studio that night at Unicorn. The problem was that your "Amoeba" was being added to the first ROTR album very late, I had precious little money for studio time and that we were given about 4 hours at Unicorn to record your song and finish "Wild In The Streets", mixing both right there and then.

So the reality was that we just didn't have the time to get Casey to learn how to harmonize on his own song! We almost pulled the plug on Frank's guitar solo (the second one on the recording) as he was understandably nervous, but in the end managed a fin performance from him. Of course, you did your lead vocal in one take ... timing to perfection the Amoeba chant at the end.

Were David Hines and I ruthless? Pretty much so. We had an agenda and the results seem to stand the test of time. Did I shot shoot myself in the foot? Well, not too many wanted to record a second time with me at the helm. But as we knew at the time, t was better for your group to direct their anger at us rather than at each other.

Eric Rindahl - 09/18/00 23:09:47
My Email:erindahl@collegeclub.com
Where From: Cerritos, CA
Favorite Record: Beach Blvd (just ordered cd version) & all CH3
Favorite Band: CH3, SD, TSOL, Adolescents, Agent Orange...basically, all your shit

Last time I saw you was at Palm Valley in the Desert. You and your little girl met me at PVCC where you (beyond comping me a copy of the Nuns and the Skinhead Years cds) gave me advice about forming a VC fund to invest in small, independent labels. Said something about Palm Desert, Acapulco, South Pacific. Glad to hear you pulled it off. Enjoy, and thanks for bringing back Beach Blvd to my record collection (orig. vinyl version lost with the years).

* Eric, Eric, Eric *

You've got to be talking about the early 90's. Did we meet at the Newsweek qualies? Sounds like it, though I went to Palm Valley a few other times. But I didn't go to Acapulco until '96! Now I live in Thailand. Anyway my little girl suddenly grew up, lives in P.D.. If you still go to PVCC, don't be surprised to see Adrian Young, drummer with No Doubt and (sometimes) The Vandals. He's a demon golfer who has a place there! For my part, I'm playing tennis most days.

jon - 09/17/00 18:52:13
My Email:jonpedersen@7seconds.com
Where From: brea
Favorite Record: Shattered Faith "1982" "dance with me"
Favorite Band: tsol, 7seconds, shattered faith, nerve agents, afi
Favorite Myth About Posh Boy: none
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: don't know

Hey, it sucks that i didn't learn of the Shattered Faith reunion until yesterday, anyone have any info on that. Like the purpose, how long it's gonna last, who.....stuff like that. Even worse is that i'm 17 and the show was at a xxxxxxx bar. That pisses me off, and one of my favorite bands, Smogtown, doesn't play anything but bars and i'm gonna write them about that. I seriously had some kind of weird panic attack when i saw the name "Shattered Faith" in the ad for Club Mesa. oh well, oh my idea is the show was for quick cash

- 09/16/00 23:30:08
My Email:assassin32@msn.com

The Ch3 Christmas shows are usually the benefits for the Orangewood Shelter for Kids. During Christmas time, there's usually 1 or 2 per week with various bands playing. The last 2 Ch3 shows had Large Hardware opening. I love Large Hardware.

John Lowry - 09/14/00 19:18:51
My Email:assassin32@msn.com
Where From: Aliso Viejo

I'm glad you got a posting out for tonight's show. Now, who can we get to rally a Posh Boy show with CH3, Shattered Faith, TSOL, Social D and any of the great old bands still playing. I know it's a pipe dream( and logistically difficult)....maybe Linda Je ison can be of help. I still think these bands have much more to offer than any of the crap the major labels are force feeding us these days.

* Dear John *

Thanks for your postings here. It was Rich Williams who did the heads up and posted the SF show information in the news section.

John Lowry - 09/13/00 07:42:37
My Email:assassin32@msn.com
Where From: Aliso Viejo
Favorite Record: Problematic, Rocks Your Lame Ass, Drop the Chicken Paco
Favorite Band: Ch 3, Shattered Faith, Circle Jerks, Bad Brains

I hope you see this one soon Robbie. You should be hyping the Shattered Faith Reunion gig at the Club Mesa in Costa Mesa 9/14/Thurs. It promises to be a good one.

Slats - 08/27/00 03:41:32
Where From: Calgary
Favorite Record: After The Lights Go Out
Favorite Band: DOA, Damned, Dickies
Favorite Myth About Posh Boy: Before rising to the top of the boutique record label heap in LA he stuggled for years working as Orson Welles manservant clipping toenails and cleaning enema bags.
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: Simpletones

Ah, no insolence this time...I'm just curious if the new CH3 website was created by your webmaster? They're both really hot and have been a bit of an influence on my current work as a returning university student studying multi-media and webmastering. The work on both these websites is to be commended.

* Yes *

Slats - 08/26/00 16:55:03
Where From: Canaduh
Favorite Record: Stepmothers You were never my age
Favorite Band: Smogtown, pushers
Favorite Myth About Posh Boy: The Cuckoos Nest employed him to act as a diversion at the cowboy bar across the parking lot. He would traipse into the cowboy bar dressed as Dale Evans in a pink Bar-K-Ranch outfit and all the cowboys would be so busy beating the shit out of him that they would forget about their rivals the punks across the way.
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: The Crowd lp

Mmm, where do I begin. How about you do not know even a fraction of an iota enough about me to be making such sweeping presumptions about my mental state. So i'm living a life in sewage, eh. Actaully, no. I was at one point -- for most of my adult life ac ually. And after making numerous traditional attempts at turning my life around I was left witha decision to make -- either methadone or a much more drastic course of action. So I've been locked into the liquid concentration camp for nearly four years now and if that hasn't lifted me oiut of the sewage I don't know what has. No more stealing my friends stereos, No more trips in front of the judge, no more sleeps inside the jail cell. Instead: more money in my bank account, no more bad debts, now allowed in my parents/friends homes, now going back to school, no more unemployment. So, you see you may think that somehow my need to drink that juice everyday is holding me back from recovery and in the truest (literal abstinence) sense it is. But the life it has llowed me to recover is (to borrow a phrase) a World Apart from what I once new. You are no where near qualified to make the statements about my heatlth that you have without walking in my shoes or at least knowing who I am. I gotta tell you though -- thi is some of the most stimulating conversation I've had in years -- and to think I would find it on a message board erected for some punk band -- weird.

* Doctor Rude Responds *

There you go again : you take me to task for using the expression "the sewage of their lives" describing drug addiction yet in your book it's okay to describe your drug therapy/addiction as "the liquid concentration camp".

When you're ready to throw off the yoke of drug addiction, there will be people to catch you.

Tom - 08/25/00 22:29:36
Where From: Whittier

RIP Rik L Rik!! Thanks for the songs. My belated sympathies to family and friends!

mike g - 08/24/00 09:00:31
My Email:mike@mother.com
Where From: sacto
Favorite Record: tsol, angelic upstarts ch3 hypnotics clash
Favorite Band: consumers POISON13 early bad brains
Favorite Myth About Posh Boy: i dont pay attention to things that i am not involved in
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: skinhead years(at least make it easyer to find}

is there any chance of a ch3 comeback?

* The News Department reports *

Well, they are playing a couple times this month in the So. Cal. area and they almost always play a Christmas show at Linda's Dollhut.

Slats - 08/24/00 00:34:48
Where From: Canaduh
Favorite Record: Houston - Dean Martin
Favorite Band: I sorta like the wto-member covers act at the pizza joint up my street.
Favorite Myth About Posh Boy: Oh, dude, where do I start?
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: How about re-releasing the single you put out in 81?

Robbie, Robbie, Robbie...you know we have to end this bitter feud we seem to have found ourselves in. Have you never heard the saying, "It's only punk rock."? Do you not think that I might just be enjoying the fact that obviuosly a few words written by me on some inconsequential message is sparking debate, emotion, hate, entertainment for people I have never even met -- all across the continent. Too much fun. You know the next time I take a trip to Chiang Mai perhaps I will make a bit of a detour to Phuket and we can debate each other and hash out our differences in person. And one other thing since I think it is more than impossible to make a decision about somebody's intellect based on a trumped up message board post created for disruptive purposes I will provide you with actual character flaws that you can accurately point out that I possess in your posts on the TSOL website. I went to college and university for far to long and have worked as a political reporter interviewing the likes of prime ministers and premiers for far to long to be accurately called a retard. If you want accurate insults how about: egotistical, hot tempered, junkie. asshole, and immature. I can live with those but if my editor found out I was a retard he might take away me weekly luncheon priveledges at the chamber of commerce. And one othet thing that I just got to say I think is too funny is that fact that you've found yourself in a continuing verbal altercation with perhaps one of your biggest one-time advocatse and customers. In the eighties I went to great time, trouble and expense to collect the entirety of the Posh Boy catalog. When people who were interested in getting into punk rock would ask me what they should buy my pattented response was always, "Anything on Posh Boy." There is no doubt in my mind that I paid your rent on more than one occasion. And back in the early to mid-nineties when the Offspring broke to international success I could not sit idly by and watch this band reap the rewards of a sound that you initiall sound, created, produced, nurtured, released, exploited. The result was a story for the paper I was writing for at the time called "The Offspring Of A Posh Boy" and it gave credit where credit was due and explained to the Offsprings new found fans or thos who just didn't know what the origins of this now wildly popular sound were. I'm trying to dig that story up -- it didn't go into my portfolio because I'm not typically a music writer. Anyway, maybe I'll make this message board my home now because I just cannot condone with my presence the racial garbage that has made its way onto the TSOL site. I love that site though, I think punk weazel does a super job and just about a week and a half ago I packaged up a bunch of my old TSOL memoribilia like shirts, p otos, and fliers and sent them off to her in Australia to show her that at least somebody out there appreciates what she's doing and I feel for the fact that she's never even gotten a chance to see this band that she so relentlessly promotes. Anyway, I ha e to go -- I have to think of one more ridiculous, slanderous story to post about you and jack on her website. jus kiddin

Welcome, Slats!

Alex Morgan - 08/23/00 08:21:36
Where From: Toronto
Favorite Record: too many
Favorite Band: Signal 30
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: Rik L Rik, Nightmares Soundtrack

Almost broke my neck looking for the Channel 3 Skinhead Years CD but I can finally cross it off my "most sought after list". Congrats Posh Boy on a job well done, some vital HC if I do say so. Anyways, just sitting around watching Nightmares and hoping that someday I'll be able to play Rik's tracks on my CD player. Oh yeah, watch out for a band called Signal 30. They Rip!

rene - 07/02/00 07:18:28
My Email:lipper1977@yahoo.com
Where From: El Centro, CA
Favorite Record: Beach blvd.
Favorite Band: F-word, Shattered Faith
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: Shattered Faith Anthology

Robbie, you need to put out a Shattered Faith album out man.

DAMIAN COGHLAN - 06/25/00 01:15:25
My Email:d_coghlan@hotmail.com
Favorite Myth About Posh Boy: ?????????????????????????????????????
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: YOUTH BRIGADE TSOL


* The Surfin' Wannabe responds *

You'll be happy to know that Jack still surfs the Huntington Beach, California waves. It's nice to know we had such an influence down under. How come your neighbor Pat Rafter didn't listen to the same music as you? Actually, I used to give Pat punk com act discs in the early 90's in the days when he wasn't mobbed by fans. If you ever join the other Aussies visiting Phuket, give me a holler and it will be Posh Boy's shout.

Will Hebler - 06/11/00 09:11:09
My Email:cyber@mail.cscoms.com
Where From: Phuket Island Thailand

Hello there Robbie! Nice lunch we had at Friendship Beach on the waters edge. Like I said "It doesn't get any better than this" I am looking forward to the "Manila Sound" and a Recording Studio at Friendship Beach. Thanks again Will

John Lowry - 06/02/00 19:43:05
My Email:assassin32@msn.com
Where From: Lake Forest Via Berkeley
Favorite Record: Skinhead Years
Favorite Band: Circle Jerks, Descensdents, Bad Brains, Shattered Faith, MIA
Favorite Myth About Posh Boy: None
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: Complete Rodney on the Roq/Future looks Brighter

Way to go Robbie. I'm absolutely thrilled to have found this site. I saw CH 3 at the Doll Hut in 12/99, and they still rock. The guys are still very cool, and signed my CD insert for the Skinhead Years. It's good to see reissues coming out. Someone yanked my Beach Blvd CD. Now I can replace it. Keep the re releases coming. Grand Theft Audio rereleased the Shattered Faith Live LP on CD, complete show. Amazing. There's so much I'd love to see back out.... John

* Phuket via Bloomsbury replies *

Thank you.

Toby Gibson - 05/28/00 18:16:30
My Email:TobyLifehater@Hotmail.com
Where From: San Diego(Presently Kailua-Kona,HI)
Favorite Record: Beach BLVD. Wasted Youth, Reagans In.
Favorite Band: Old Vandals, Black Flag, Wasted Youth, TSOL
Favorite Myth About Posh Boy: He's actually a no-holds barred fighter named Tank Abbot
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: F**k-how can one ever choose just one- re release them all and save these poor children from that godawful Blinky182 band

You helped put out the soundtrack to my childhood- I have great memories of wearing out multiple copies of ROTR, Beach Blvd, TSOL-Dance with me and more. You Rule. On another note- I'm trying to put together a compilation of stories, photos and fliers of he supporting bands and the people in the crowd from 1980-late 83 or so- if you have anything along those lines please contact me or check out my site- Thanks toby gibson Tobylifehater@hotmail.com

* The Lifelover * responds

The webmaster here - Rich Williams may be able to help you with your project, so write him at One Man Army.

aaron merrill - 04/18/00 20:59:12
My Email:aaron_merrill@hotmail.com
Where From: phx.,az
Favorite Record: tsol 1st ep rodney comps1&2
Favorite Band: tsol shattered faith

i've been listening to punk since i was a 13 in 83 and have enjoyed quite a bit of music from oc.tsol has always been one of my favorite bands and i was saddened to read that todd passed away.my condolences to you and the rest of the band. well keep up th great work. sincerely, aaron merrill

mike - 04/17/00 05:31:36
My Email:mkenji@earthlink.net
Where From: long beach ca
Favorite Band: social distortion tsol adolescents crowd
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: a world apart the crowd

what are the chances of a world apart by the crowd being released on cd?

Answer : a slight chance

Alex Morgan - 04/06/00 06:03:26
My Email:Punk119@hotmail.com
Where From: San Fran
Favorite Record: too many
Favorite Band: TSOL, Negative Trend, Rik L Rik
Favorite Myth About Posh Boy: He's Ex-CIA
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: RIK L. RIK!!!!!

Anyone seen the movie Nightmares with Emilio Estevez? There are some rare tracks from Black Flag "Rise Above", Fear "I Don't Care About You" but most important are RIK L. RIK's "Mercenaries" and "I Got Power". Does anyone know if a soundtrack to this movie exists or if these rare versions were ever released. Posh Boy...please? Can't wait to see TSOL on this year's Warped Tour! Keep 'em coming!

* You WON! *

For the best question of this millennium, you win the RARE Social Distortion "Playpen" single. Kindly email the webmeister here, Rich Williams cherd@email.msn.com, with your details.

Now for the answer!
"Nightmares" was the pilot for the short-lived 80's version of the Twilight Zone TV series. The Director was very keen to have cutting edge music in it (and this was waaay before the commercial acceptance of such music) and contacted me to round up a few groups for him, for which I was paid a fee as an unofficial and uncredited music supervisor.

Universal Pictures were insistent on owning the recordings, so the tracks were re-recorded on a Universal sound stage, with the musicians richly rewarded receiving union scale (and residuals). I was responsible for getting Black Flag (who were starving a the time) there as well as Rik L Rik (I picked him up from his parents' house!). Union rules stated that only Union players or members who had played on the original recordings could play ... so in Rik's case, we had the musician union members of Gleami g Spires/Sparks back him on those numbers. Yes, new wave guys to be sure, but they were pro's and knew Rik's music. You might notice that "Robert Shannon Fields" is credited in the closing acting credits ... this came about as I made sure I did backgrou d vocals on "Mercenaries" (as I had done on the original recording) and chose to work under SAG rules rather than the musician union's rules, thereby automatically getting me into SAG, the actors' union!

The bad news is that no soundtrack was ever released. The next time Universal asks me for something, I need to ask them for the rights to these recordings!

jon - 04/05/00 01:36:51
My Email:seconds15@yahoo.com
Where From: California
Favorite Record: "Dance With Me", "Falling Idols" "F-Minus" "Someone Got their Head Kicked In" plus many more
Favorite Band: TSOL, 7 Seconds, Wasted Youth, Channel 3, Youth Brigade, Adolescents, Ill Repute, FYP, Redemption 87, Aus Rotten, Dead Kennedys, Black Flag
Favorite Myth About Posh Boy: None
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: Everything full 74 min cd's

Hi, It's great that you got this up. Is there any CH. 3 website around. I'm 16 and i remember borrowing the Beach Blvd comp like 4 years ago and i liked the Crowd and Simpletones a lot but could never find any of their music or history. Same with Channel 3 But now there is this website at least. I am very interested in the early 80's so cal punk scene and would like to read stories and accounts from people that lived then. I am going to buy a lot of records from here eventually. Bye , Jon

Dean - 04/02/00 11:56:09
My Email:GimmeFuel@netscape.net
Where From: west Aussie
Favorite Record: Crusty 2 Soundtrack

can you tell me if i can find tab for glue gun songs anywhere?

* A Crusty One responds *

Glue Gun will be flattered to read your comment. Sorry, no guitar tabs have ever been published for their material. I am very glad though to that you came to hear of GG's music through the Crusty Demons of Dirt video and CD series. The husband and wife team producing them are some of the best people around.

mike digiovanni - 03/24/00 17:20:14
My Email:mdig227@aol.com
Where From: huntington beach
Favorite Record: living in darkness
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: any old adolescensts

i'm looking for a song by bad religon called "gypsy" it was a ballad that they did that i have been trying to find for years any idea's?? mdig227@aol.com

Besides trying Epitaph, sorry, no idea.

Jon Rosner - 02/27/00 07:54:12
My Email:mers@sprynet.com
Where From: Los Angeles
Favorite Record: Beach Blvd., Living In Darkness, Posh Hits Vol.1
Favorite Band: The Dickies
Favorite Myth About Posh Boy: He wrote "Gangsta, Gangsta" as performed by NWA
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: Posh Hits Vol.1

Nice new page!! When's a Best Of Posh Boy or a Posh Boy Story or something going to be available? How's about an autobiography? What about Posh Boy "The Movie" or Posh Boy "The Breakfast Cereal"? Or better yet, Posh Poy "The Ultimate 3d Shooter"?

Yet another celebrity visitor, Jon administers the Dickies' publishing! O.K., Jon, what did you think of the Beach Boys' biopic on TV the last 2 nights? Talk about dominated personalities! Glad that Mike Love finally got his due in the courts, but what he was doing in the 60's???

Carl - 02/25/00 17:47:00
My Email:goldenbear87@yahoo.com
Where From: San Fran
Favorite Band: The Crowd

Hey Robbie, great looking new site, please tell Rich he did a terrific job (and ask him when Pitch Factor will be playing in SF again!) FYI, I've been wearing my Posh Boy t-shirt to shows, and trying to educate the Blink 182 generation about our glorious ardcore heritage. It's an uphill battle. Later!

Carl, thanks for your gracious comments ... you were the one who put Posh Boy on the 'net, at a time when there was no budget. I am glad you got a t-shirt out of it! Sad news : Pitch Factor is no longer in existence. Rich has been working for PB Ente prises while he looks for work. Now that the world can see what a fantastic talent Rich has for site design and his ability to work for an evil taskmaster like me, who has a job for him?

Nedra - 02/23/00 19:48:47
My Email:bmgnedra@aol.com
Where From: NY
Favorite Record: Waiting to get Skinhead Years then probably that'll be it
Favorite Band: CH3
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: fuck all this re-issue stuff, make a NEW Channel Three album!

I am way excited about the re-issue of Skinhead Years. I've been trying to get it for years. I still have my records, but I no longer have a record player. Now, how about getting the fellas back in the studio. I know everyone is grown and they all hav kids and what not...so let's see what music comes from that... =)I can't be the only person out here that feels/thinks that way....

Tommy - 02/22/00 00:12:08
My Email:Kingpin96@aol.com
Where From: D.C.by way of L.A.
Favorite Record: The Future Looks Brighter
Favorite Band: Shattered Faith, Social Distortion, Adolescents
Favorite Myth About Posh Boy: He's hiding out in Des Moines from Thai mobsters...
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: The Future Looks Bright, and TFLBrighter...

Robbie- Its been sometime since I have visited your website... I must say that I certainly approve, especially with the online ordering now in place. I was greatly saddened to learn of the news of Todd Barnes' death. I caught the T.S.O.L. tour last summer with tw good friends of mine, and they absolutely still have the essence of punk- I was even invited to join them onstage and sing "Peace through Power" with them (of course I couldnt remember all the words, either). It took me back to a much simpler time(15-20 ears ago..)when all I had to worry about was where to score beer, and how to sneak into the next gig...keep up the good work, stay humble, you never know who might check up on you from time to time. -your friend, TC

* "Call me Robbie, not Posh" Replies *


I am so happy you found the new site. You are the arbiter of refined punk taste!

All of us were saddened by Todd's death. So many people tried to help him in so many ways, to no avail. Jack has been criticized for his comments to the press, but I am with Jack on this one. Glad you saw Ron and Mike, they having taken a few steps bac from the brink.

Now, Tom, PB needs your help. As you may know, we can no longer put S.D. nor TSOL on a Future Looks Bright re-issue. Given that, we'd still like to do something. What do you think of the following candidates :

Symbol 6
Shattered Faith
Youth Gone Mad
Channel 3

Bear in mind that the format remains to have an e.p.'s worth from each group. Any other suggestions?

Billy Smut - 02/20/00 23:07:51
My Email:ayatollahyouso@yahoo.com
Where From: cpt. beefhearts closet
Favorite Record: Beach Boulevard, Rodney on the Roq1-3
Favorite Band: Residents, Redd Cross, The Crowd, Rik l Rik
Favorite Myth About Posh Boy: you are actually going to repress everything ever made by Posh Boy, especially the aforementioned albums
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: everything....it's all good.

I am seriously not joking about repressing everything. I have spent 5 years of life trying to find a copy of Beach Boulevard and the R.O.T.R. albums. Please do it. Well, thank you for letting me get this out. See ya later.

* Your Friendly On Line Merchant Replies *

If you check into our on-line store, I think you'll find some of the hard to find titles at very reasonable prices. And, yes, we are looking at re-pressing long-out-of-print titles.

James Morris - 02/20/00 08:59:46
My Email:dripshank@aol.com
Where From: N hollywood
Favorite Record: Ch.3,skinhead years
Favorite Band: Ch3,D.I. stiff little fingers,all early 80s.


julius haley - 02/19/00 20:30:43
My Email:jayhaley@juno.com
Where From: charleston sc/usa
Favorite Record: rodney on the roq(series) chanel 3 (skinhead years)
Favorite Band: beatles,red cross.lagwagon, black flag, motorhead
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: punk and disorderly

thanks for all the music- i practicaly grew up listening to the whole catalog during the 80's check out the HYBRID MUTANTS: http://members.aol.com/Hothgang1/hybrid.html

wasky - 02/17/00 08:54:48
My Email:popodg@hotmal.com
Where From: suomi
Favorite Record: fear, cirle jerks, dk, doa, uk subs etc

Hello there! Nice pages, really. We have a competition so sign our hatebook and win a record! Yeah yeah!!

Ryan Edens - 02/17/00 07:16:31
My Email:ryanedens@hotmail.com
Where From: Glendora
Favorite Record: CH3 Skinhead years

I was on the internet trying to find a channel 3 t-shirt...and see what else you guys had on your website. I was curious about what happend to CH3? Did they just split up and that was the end or what happend? Anyways, I think the "Skinhead Years" album kicks ass I listen to it constantly....if you know anywhere I could find a t-shirt or any merchandise of the band could you let me know. Thanks.

Check out the link to CH 3 on the web-site for the latest news on Kimm and Mike.

Gooboy Quisp - 02/16/00 22:52:58
My Email:GooboyQuisp@aol.com
Where From: Seaside Heights, NJ
Favorite Record: any old beach punk 81-90
Favorite Band: SMOGTOWN
Favorite Myth About Posh Boy: He never actually paid any of his bands
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: The ENTIRE STEPMOTHERS catalog

No matter what people say Posh Boy was "THE" most important label to come out of the LA area in the early days (besides Dangerhouse).That music changed my life and I'm now 35 and still listen to any great band that comes out of the OC/HB area. Any other people out there that still feel the same,feel free to write.And if you have any Stepmothers records,I will hound you forever.

Steve Levesque - 02/16/00 20:36:39
My Email:steve@luckmedia.com
Where From: orig AO manager
Favorite Record: Living In Darkness thru Rhino
Favorite Band: AO
Favorite Myth About Posh Boy: he actually is paying royalites
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: keep it coming -- roylaties that is...

Robbie, I sent you another letter about this... The original royalty I forwarded to Scott Miiler got lost (via Taipei) but he finally received it... no need to put a stop payment on it or cut a new chk. Thanks again and keep those chks coming... we appreciate it. -Steve Levesque 310/860-9170

* The Check Cutter Responds *

Thanks, Steve for making this a B2B (Business to Business) web-site. Now what am I bid?

Bobby Wave - 02/12/00 04:53:19
My Email:bwave@prodigy.net
Where From: Here
Favorite Record (s): You God Damned Kids
Favorite Band (s): Geza X
Favorite Myth About Posh Boy: Ena's butt
Suggestions for CD Re-Releases: Media Circus

htttp://www.musicview.com Ena was God but now it's BIg K

Jed - 02/10/00 16:25:29
My Email:sorry@idonthaveanemailaddress.com
Where From: Ca
Favorite Record (s): Adolescents, TSOL
Favorite Band (s): Adolescents, TSOL
Suggestions for CD Re-Releases: Convince TSOL to do another CD

I recently saw Mr. Firley play a show in Orange County and I think they kicked ass so I bought their CD from them. When I did a search for them on the web for their site yours came up and I was wondering where I could get a copy of their CD that you relea ed.

Srdjan - 02/10/00 00:06:04
My Email: go_011@hotmail.com
Where From: Belgrade, Yugoslavia

Hi! I was wondering if you could help me out. I ran across an "amoeba" blue vinyl 7" on eBay, stating its the '80 release, and on your site it says that that song was to be found only on the comp, untill you released it on gold vinyl 7". plus the fact that i ave the yellow marble version with the etching of some people draving a car on the flip...so anyway if you could fill me in on the details about the pressings, vinyl colors and year of releasing those records. Thank you very much

Srdjan, Belgrade,Yugoslavia

Reply: The information on the web-site is correct... The 7" release was pressed in various colors.