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Memorial Guestbook for Rik L Rik
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maddog - 07/16/00 22:37:38
My Email:skeet@hotmail.com
Where From: la
Favorite Record: x los angeles
Favorite Band: black sabbath

www.cosswinds.com/~maddogx77 i did a eulogy

Alex Morgan - 07/12/00 06:55:32
My Email:punk119@hotmail.com
Where From: San Fran
Favorite Record: Tooth and Nail Comp
Favorite Band: too many
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: Nightmares Soundtrack

I'm saddened to hear of Rik L. Rik's departure. I was fortunate enough to experience a few of his captivating performances. Thanks to Poshboy he will live on in the music we have all come to love and hope a musical tribute and discography comes about to dignify this great artist of our time. Thank You, Alex P.S. Before I go I just want to say that nobody's music collection is near complete without the "Nightmares" sessions and I hope these recordings see the light of day.

Julia D. Sanasarian - 07/11/00 18:59:06
My Email:msjuliadawn@hotmail.com
Where From: L.A.

Hi, My name is Julia- I knew Richard for almost 18 years. He was a very influencial person in my life. I love him dearly. A couple of us thought what better way to remember him then to put a scrapbook and stories together as a keepsake 4 his son Dustin?! f any of you have a thought or story to add please e-mail me.Love your heart...Thank You.

Debbie Diamond - 07/10/00 06:26:28
My Email:diamental@hotmail.com
Where From: Los Angeles

So it looks like the memorial gathering I want to do for Rick will be this saturday...July 15th 9pm.... at my place....Got a whole plan....so if you want to come Email me at diamental@hotmail.com and i will give you directions to my house....thanx... love, Debbie

- 07/09/00 15:31:21

A few years ago I introduced Rik to Electric Frankenstein. He went to NY recorded new stuff (about five songs) and played a couple of shows, one of which was recorded and a few songs released. Like so many things, he didn't talk about it much. Yesterday I heard Roy Orbison on the radio 4 times. I used to chase Rik around with a flashlight and make him a-capella "In Dreams." God, what a voice. Every time Roy came on the radio my heart sank again.

Mike - 07/09/00 07:06:06
My Email:Crashcourse13@aol.com
Where From: OC Nj

I Just got it....and it was Beach blvd, Great,great stuff this make my life that much better exspecially since I have Modern Machine on cd. I am terribly saddend to hear about Rik L Rik because his music is great...reminds me of Richard Hell meets TSOL m ets..........its good...no GREAT shit. Thanks for the Music Posh boy, and look out for a band coming out of Nj called Void Control they are ready to take over the world and want Posh Boy to help them

d'expurey - 07/09/00 04:11:26
Favorite Record: astral weeks

Hi Robbie. Wanted to thank you for opening up the pub after Rik's funeral, and most importantly making *everyone* feel they were welcome; no small feat for someone who was in Thailand at the time. Most of us were shell shocked, and the welcoming and peace ul atmosphere at the Bounty was appreciated. The funeral was very isolative; zealots more concerned with a salvation agenda than with eulogizing Rik. We needed to honor our friend, and we are thankful that you offered a place where we could meet and shar . The staff were very nice and supportive; you are a lucky man to have such dedicated people.

michelle - 07/07/00 20:49:17
My Email:mlghaffari@aol.com
Where From: LA

There's so much to say about Rik. . . . I've known him since the beginning of LA punk rock and will hold my memories of him close forever. What a uniquely sweet, intelligent, funny, creative person he was. Most of all, I appreciate his sense of humor. My est to Kipling. Even though I haven't met you, I send my respect to you for caring for Rik and loving him. What a tremendous loss for you and everyone who knew him. Two things he used to say that always made me laugh: you gotta stomp on it, bitch, and we otta hit the road before this shithouse goes up in flames. I love you, Rik!

Oscar Harvey - 07/07/00 05:53:12
My Email:Nabsja@aol.com
Where From: Covina
Favorite Record: I gotta right
Favorite Band: X,Germs,X ray specs,Weirdos,Fword
Favorite Myth About Posh Boy: He died at birth

Rik L Rik was a very special friend who shaped my way of thinking fword was the first band I was in with Rik.I miss him dearly also his mom and dad, who I knew for many years I miss them all dearly.I'm sorry I wasn't there for him in the end,he was like m brother for many years.I only have good memories of him and the good times we had in hollywood and covina.I still can't believe he is gone..If his fiancee could get in contact with me I have pictures of Ric that his son might want.Ric was the coolest and most intelligent guy I have ever known and A great performer I'm sure everyone he touched will miss him as I know I will.

tony - 07/07/00 05:17:57
My Email:nikita88@earthlink.net

G'bye Ritchie. I'll miss you.

Debbie Diamond - 07/07/00 03:58:36
My Email:diamental@hotmail.com
Where From: LA

Some of Rik's friends weren't able to attend his funeral....I'm waiting for Bambi to come back from her trip and we're going to plan a memorial service for him....i would like anyone to come and say what they would like to say about Rick. I will post when and where as soon as I can. I think the Rick I knew and you knew...would have liked it if we did it our way.....Debbie

Julie and Marge - 07/07/00 01:11:16
My Email:nikita88@earthlink.net
Where From: L.A.
Favorite Band: X, Iggy, Bowie
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: Rik L. Rik boxed set (all recorded material)

Richard- Thank you so much for your inspiration in our lives-intellectually, spiritually and emotionally. Thanks for keeping us on our toes, laughing and crying - Thanks for all the trips to Hollywood when you got the directions right and could find us. T anks for the Ginsberg monologues and all the late nights at your parents' house. We will always love you big guy!

Maureen - 07/05/00 19:04:08
My Email:mbacon@lafn.org

I am signing in for Rik L Rik's memorial. I cannot believe he is gone and taken so quickly. I miss him. Kind regards, Maureen Bacon

Kipling Rowe - 07/04/00 07:03:24
My Email:misskippy@mediaone.net
Where From: Los Angeles

To Robbie and fans of Rik L Rik,

I am Kipling, Richard Elerick's fiancee. I have just read the latest posts for Rik and I am so honored by everyone's concern and love and inspiration for Rik's music. He was an amazing and intelligent person. His passion for love and poetry seperated him from the rest...making him a truly unique persona in the punk rock world. Not only music, but he embraced all forms of literature. He has completed a translation of Arthur Rimbaud, which I hope I have the ability to publish soon for his fans and loved one, this was his wish.

Over the last few years Rik was such a caring and loving person for his mother Analu who died in September of 1998 of cancer. Unfortunately we lost one of our most brilliant artists to the same disease, Richard Brian Elerick. And my wish is for both Rik L Rik and Richard Elerick to be remembered in the most honorable and dignified manner possible, because not only was he a punk rocker but he had a true heart of gold.

He is my forever love,


Eric Ambel - 07/05/00 04:06:50
My Email:mrchngcwby@aol.com
Where From: East Village/NYC nowadays

Hello, I am so saddened by the loss of Rik. I had a band with Rik in Hollywood back around '78/'80. I played guitar on "The Outback". We were running buddies back then. Rik was such a great friend to me. He had a really wide musical vision. I read somebod here talking about Rik on stage. Last night I thought about how hard we worked on our music together. I thought about the heaviness of our Whiskey A GO Go debut with the new band playing Outback and Look Into September. That was the first time I played the Whiskey. I thought about driving through the hills to go to Richard Meltzers late night radio show in Riks moms car. Yeah the Atomic Cafe too. Since those days I've played in a bunch of bands. Produced a bunch of records too. Rik came out to NYC bout 5 years ago and we recorded some great stuff that never got released. In those sessions was a beautiful song called "Eddie The Rat". I was singing this song in my head just a couple days ago. I miss my good friend already. I want to wait for him o get to work on the west coast so I can call him. but I can't and I'm sad. I've never lost such a good friend. Eric "Roscoe" Ambel

Sarah Clayton - 07/05/00 02:31:27
My Email:zoa@home.com
Where From: Seattle

Rik was a good friend, one for whom I wished I had stayed in Los Angeles. Now, unable to attend the service, I will hold my own alone, playing Leonard Cohen over and over, but in place of L., I hear Rik at the 8121 singing Last Year's Man, better than L., and that's hard to do. Thank you

- 07/04/00 20:45:05
Where From: joshua tree
Favorite Record: good ones
Favorite Band: ones that matter
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: rik-l-rik comp and tribute

I played guitar on a couple of songs at rik's last gig at The lava lounge in Jan. That was the last I saw of him. that's how i remember him. I also remember him going through my refridgerator without asking and giving Phil Parlapiano a well desirved hard time when we we're playing together in the Holy Riders. I also remember rik telling me to turn off the t.v. at my dad's house 'cuz the chicks were too into Stevie Ray Vaughn and we'd never get any action. I also can't forget his command of the stage, barefoot and all! For those of us that have been up there with him you know to stand clear of that mic stand. Rik was never evil and looking back on the things he did I could never be mad at him he was just Rik-L-Rik. I'll miss him and like Dennis from S.D., neith

John Carlucci - 07/04/00 19:48:07
My Email:speedies9424@worldnet.att.net
Where From: Hollywood, via NYC
Favorite Record: Shake Some Action- Flamin Groovies
Favorite Band: Flamin Groovies, NY Dolls, MC5, Ramones
Favorite Myth About Posh Boy: n/a
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: n/a

Rik was one of my oldest & dearest friends, I had the good fortune to play in many of his bands, including his last one, The Celestials. We put that band together last year, after not having played together in like 10 years. It was great to re-visit our f iendship, and to work together again. I had just gone through a devestating break-up with the girl I thought I would marry, and Rik helped me through it. I can't tell you how grateful I am that he was there at such a hard time in my life. I'm proud that I stood on so many stages next to such a talented man. Playing the House Of Blues with Rik for the Elvis Birthday Bash this past January was magical. Sadly it turned out to be his second to last gig. He was on his way to my house to work on some music when e phoned me to tell me he was feeling ill and was going to the Hospital. It was Super Bowl Sunday. He died 5 months later, on my birthday. For the rest of my life, those two previously joyous occasions are gonna be a bit painful for me. Goodbye old friend you'll be missed.

amelia c. - 07/04/00 09:42:54
My Email:ameliacone@earthlink.net
Where From: L.A.
Favorite Record: julian cope-fried
Favorite Band: sparks
Favorite Myth About Posh Boy: anything on offer
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: oh, god...syd barrett..I dunno

When I think of Rik, the term that comes to mind is RESPECT. His integral charisma, brillance and integrity were a rare gift. There were so many things about him that were worth knowing. If there is such thing as an enduring spirit, Rik will be one of them. He was/is a shining star in a dark w

- 07/04/00 05:48:35

Rik was the unofficial Mayor of Covina. He put some whacked poetry on a Vidiots song "Laurie's Lament" as a favor, which probably got us on the Rodney album. He also got us a bass player, Bob G. He got us on shows.He was an original, with broken glass in his feet. Chris Bailey

Ken Simpletone - 07/03/00 18:41:46
My Email:behnkebunch@earthlink.net
Where From: L.A.
Favorite Record: Beach Blvd.
Favorite Band: Weirdos, X-Ray Specs, 999, Clash
Favorite Myth About Posh Boy: No Myth. A lot of bands should "Thank" him.
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: Live Masque release 1978-79


It was a sad day indeed to hear the tragic news about Rik. Although, we did not stay in touch, you may remember we shared the same birthday, Sept. 30 1960.

I remember, when you threw us a combination 19th birthday celebration at the Atomic Cafe in Los Angeles. Much of the crowd that night got out of hand but Rik maintained his poise.

Last week I obtained a copy of our Beach Blvd CD and was reminiscing about times we played together and how much I enjoyed his sound.

Just the other night, I had a dream and Rik was in it. Today he's dead .... weird. R.I.P

Ken " Simpletone " Behnke

debbie diamond - 07/03/00 15:13:37
My Email:diamental@hotmail,com
Where From: los angeles

Rik l Rik was one of my dearest friends, we met 17 years ago...he really had a huge impact on me and taught me a lot. So smart, so funny, dark, sweet and real. I went with him to pick out a ring for his fiance, just last november.....he seemed so determ ned and happy. He was sick of his job and was planning to get a bouse with Kipling. He was really in love with her and was starting to live. He had been working for so long saving money for the future....i was nagging him to live a little and not work so ard and i think after he met Kipling he really did start to live. well he got sick, and i know he was scared and we all thought he was going to get better.....but life is cruel....i can't stop thinking about him...i just feel lucky to have known you Rik, hank you for all the lessons you taught me, and being so amazing.... i feel like i'll always have a part of you with me forever. I love you....but i told you that already....Debbie

Hope Urban - 07/02/00 19:10:27
My Email:urbanhope1@aol.com
Where From: cleveland, man
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: Rik L Rik "The Lost Album"

I'm crying too Karla. Ever since I learned Rik was ill I had trouble comprehending we might lose him. The last time I saw him perform was at the Elvis birthday tribute at House of Blues, where he gave the definitive performance of the evening in my opinio , ripping through Suspicious Minds . . . still hard to believe he is gone, and you can bet I miss you Rik. Any word on memorial/funeral services yet? Please post.

maddog - 07/02/00 16:38:43
My Email:skeert@hotmail.com
Where From: poochville
Favorite Record: fword the controllers tooth and nail tracks
Favorite Band: avengers x the controllers fword fear
Favorite Myth About Posh Boy: you have myths, poshie?
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: whatever

robbie this is karla maddog of the controllers ,i just heard 2 days ago fore the first time that rik was ill and then i come to yiour site to learn he's dead i can't stop crying my little barefoot bro is dead oh man it isn't fair give his family my sympat y will you robbie? i gotta go maddog

Bambi Conway - 07/01/00 21:58:07
My Email:bambi@whack-a-doo.com

Good bye Rik L Rik. I always loved you and can't believe you're gone. Love, Bambi

Richard Brian Elerick, born 30 September 1960, died 30 June 2000

People will discover "The Outback" for another 1000 years and wonder at the provenance of its beauty. Rik has left a legacy of haunting music that will endure infinitely beyond the course of others whose success was but fleeting.

And to think : this was from the middle period of Rik's career, recorded when Rik was scarcely 19 years old.

I believe it is fair to say that in his last year of life, Rik had finally outgrown his kid wonder persona: he had cemented his bonds with his young son, made plans to marry, was very much looking forward rather than dwelling on the might have been of his musical career.

He remained steadfast in his friendships. Rik was always there as a confidant; he valued camararadie more than material success. It was joyous to be with Rik just last summer at the latest of the Masque reunions, to kid him about the nascent streaks of grey in his magnificent black hair.

It was only in late January of this year that Rik had an indication that something was wrong, a headache that didn't feel right. Within a few weeks, an unfavorable prognosis was given to Rik and we knew that something unbearable would happen to us who cherished him.

And now, 5 months later, our hopes for Rik's happiness are dashed. And I can hear his music so loudly in my head, music that our descendants will wonder at in their time, and there will surely be many more who will come to know that the man behind the voice was worthy of their future acclaim.


Rik always called me "Fields", not "Robbie", not "Posh". Probably something to do with my having grown up in England. It was in 1979 that Rik came with me to London on a fruitless attempt to find him fame and fortune there.