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Even the Posh Boy logo has a little history and some interesting facts behinds it...
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Broken note logo ...........

There are some who still pine for the original Posh Boy logo that graced the first few releases, including the Beach Blvd LP. I can't positively remember its designer but it may have been Craig Dyer - son of famed design mogul Rod Dyer - who designed the F-Word! album.



Posh Boy baroque style logo .

The best known of the Posh Boy logos was introduced in 1980. Designed by English designer David Allen, its baroque simplicity made for an instantly recognizable hallmark of independent music quality.



Posh Boy Music logo .

The Posh Boy logo Mark III, modified by Jodi Cohen and introduced in 1992, recognizing the company's renewed emphasis on music publishing. The three related music companies are Covina High Music BMI (named for Rik L Rik's high school), Posh Boy Music ASCAP and Posh Girl Music SESAC. Most fans will be familiar with the Covina High name from its ubiquitous presence on Posh Boy releases but may have wondered just what it stood for.



Posh Boy Records Online logo...

The logo was again modified just for our new website, by our webmaster Rich Williams. "Online" was added to give our music an official online presence.  This site is now the best source to hear free samples of some legendary songs, including very rare tracks, learn historical facts about the artists and the releases, and to have the ability to purchase our recordings "online"...