In 1978 Posh Boy began releasing independent recordings that have since become classics. Our catalog reads like a virtual who's who of the potent first-generation California hardcore and new wave scene: Social Distortion, T.S.O.L., Black Flag, U.X.A., Adolescents, Agent Orange, Shattered Faith, Channel 3, Circle Jerks, Gleaming Spires, not forgetting the legendary compilations - Beach Blvd, Rodney On The Roq Volumes 1-3, Punk & Disorderly, Posh Hits Volume 1, The Siren, and The Future Looks Bright(er).

During the past 2 years we have re-issued virtually every Posh Boy recording for paid download on services like iTunes and Amazon besides making them available for such streaming services as Spotify, Rhapsody and Pandora.

Many of these legendary recordings are no longer in physical print and have since become "collectors" items; yet many are now licensed to other record companies throughout the world. Nowadays, The principal business of Posh Boy is licensing rare recordings.

Please make use of the Posh Boy discography and other archival resources here! It contains detailed notes on almost every Posh Boy band and release since punk music first hit the West Coast. This is information you simply won't find anywhere else.

Be sure to bookmark this site and visit us again over the next few months. And feel free to write us with any comments and suggestions.

Robbie Fields - 20 June 2012

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