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Members of No Doubt, Go Go's, Pennywise, T.S.O.L., Channel 3, The Vandals, and Pitch Factor cavort with P.B.
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Rich Williams (r), Ron Emory (l) of T.S.O.L. (and early Joykiller) at the closing party for the "Forming" exhibition, June 1999, Santa Monica, Calif.  

A shot of Jim Lindberg (l), singer with Pennywise mugging for the camera with R.F.. backstage before the Pennywise concert at Las vegas' Hard Rock Hotel. A few weeks earlier, it was Jimmy who sang for Keith Morris at the "Forming" party, singing the Black Flag and Circle Jerks hits made legendary by Keith.

An obviously engrossed Kimm Gardener of Channel 3 got to play after all at the "Forming" party. Here he can be seen having a beer with Jane Wiedlin.

Now it was Posh Boy's turn to get a peck on the cheek from the ever lovely, ever youthful, Jane Wiedlin. Besides teaming with Gina Schock to play some Go Go's tunes, Jane gave a magnificent performance as Mistress of Ceremonies at the "Forming" party. Incredible that it was 22 years ago that we both hatched our plans for world domination in the Hollywood basement known as The Masque. Jane succeeded ... Posh Boy's still trying ...

A shot backstage at the Pennywise/Vandals gig at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. Yes, it's No Doubt drummer Adrian Young who always seems to be hanging out with the Vandals, even when he's not substituting for the frantically busy Josh Freese. I think Adrian was telling me something about dressing better next time...

Taken a couple of years earlier in Las Vegas, backstage at the Huntridge, it's the Vandals' Joe Escalante with the Posh One.