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The Fab Mab: Once a Filipino cabaret restaurant on Broadway, now the home of San Francisco punk, circa. 1978. The two biggest acts in San Francisco during this era were The Avengers and The Nuns. Both would sell out weekends at the Mab. Due to the egalitarian practices of promoter Dirk Dirksen, the supporting bands would be on a percentage of the door and would make several hundred dollars a weekend night, enough to cover the expenses of traveling up from Los Angeles. By contrast, the Screamers, Weirdos or Dickies would sell out 3 nights (six shows) at the Whisky, pocketing many thousands of dollars and the support group receive $100 for 2 sets.

Both The Nuns and the Avengers would play Los Angeles. The Avengers would become almost as popular in L.A. clubland as they were at home. The Nuns' "Suicide Child" was to achieve its greatest popularity on L.A. radio station KROQ in the late 80s.

The 2 rival groups were to be the only support acts at the Sid Vicious era Sex Pistols' final concert at Winterland in San Francisco in January 1978.

Before he was Rik L Rik ... he was ... Rick L Rick.

The F-Word! live album was the first album to be released in the L.A. scene. No matter that it was raw in the extreme with minimal graphics, it was a big deal for those in the scene collecting every new record out of London and New York. Resented by the Slash magazine crowd (how dare Posh Boy beat us to the punch!) who erroneously claimed the same honor for the Pulgz' Electrify Me album. Posh Boy organized 2 highly successful signing ceremonies, the first way out in the San Fernando Valley at a Licorice Pizza store, the second at a Music Plus store forty miles away in Whittier. All for a group that had already broken up.