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Jack LaRosa - 12/13/98 15:32:02
My Email: archimago@earthlink.net
Where From: St Clair Shores, MI
Favorite Record: New York Trash
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: Posh Hits Vol. 1

I have been desperately searching for Posh Hits Vol.1. I originally bought it in '86 and it had a definate impact on my life. I am going to check this sight for it and maybe you have already re-released it, but if not, I WANT IT BADD!

Mike Magrann/Kimm Gardener - 12/09/98 16:52:46
My Email:

Robbie-Happy Holidays! Just dropped by to let you know the Annual CH3 Benefit show is nearly upon us! Friday Dec 18 at Linda's Doll Hut in Anaheim CA- to benefit the Orangewood Children's Home. There is talk that we might do one other show in Hollywood this year, if we can only drag our bloated aging bodies up the 101!! I mean, really--how many times do we have to keep practicing Manzanar in our miserable lives? Between my Syphillis and Kimm's Alzheimers we have to rely on tape loops and teleprompters as it is! Anyways, we breathlessly await your Christmas Card which we trust will be stuffed with Royalty Checks!! Merry!! PS-Where's the next chapters buddy? What are you, JD Salinger?

* Santa Posh Replies *

The checks are in the mail ... the writing of prose is taking longer than expected. A merry Christmas to one and all!

James - 12/08/98 00:44:31
My Email:Adfkerajif@aol.com
Where From: Connecticut
Favorite Record: "Inside My Brain", "Back From Samoa"
Favorite Band: Angry Samoans
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: Nuns, U.X.A,

I wish you would re-issue every record you ever recorded. Recently I've been looking into the old So-Cal punk bands. I looked everywhere for any type of recording by U.X.A., the Nuns, the Dils, the Controllers, and the Eyes. Do you remember the Eyes an the Controllers? If so, do you remember if they ever recorded any LPs or EPs. I noticed that they were on a few compliations re-issued by Frontier records. Also, re-issue some records by U.X.A and the Nuns. Posh Boy was the first place I ever found t at had material by U.X.A. Please re-issue that. Great page. - James

Mark Krob - 12/04/98 23:57:53
My Email:mkrob@jamesmartin.com
Where From: Virginia
Favorite Record: You Were Never My Age
Favorite Band: Stepmothers
Favorite Myth About Posh Boy: band members answer the phones there
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: Stepmothers compilation

It's great to find this site. Is there any consideration of a Stepmothers compilation on CD?. Perhaps the LP, the other EP cuts, the b sides and the Rodney on the ROQ cuts? I also saw in the discography on your website that Steve and Jay recorded an add tional ten cuts in '96 that could be included. I know there's still a base of fans who remember the band fondly both on their home turf and scattered around the world (I'm in Virginia). I know some others who would be very excited to hear about a Stepmo hers CD and would gladly buy one (or two). And thanks for all the great music on the Poshboy label over the years!

* Posh Boy Responds *

I agree that there really ought to be a Stepmothers anthology, it's just that I am not willing to invest the time and money to make it happen at this time.
Ironically, everyone involved is keen for someone (other than themselve(s)!) to release this material. Steve (John Henry) Jones has indicated we could include the new material ...
The reality seems to be that the steam has gone out of the re-issue market. Personally, I think we're headed in the direction of on-line delivery of marginal masters such as these. I'd give it another year or so before the entire Posh Boy catalog is ava lable for down-loading from a commercial site. The fact that the records and compact discs have been going out of print one by one is no accident. Now is the time to pick up those artefacts at normal retail prices!

Tracy Tang - 12/01/98 02:57:48
My URL:http://www.ozemail.com.au/~saragon/reddkross/
My Email:saragon@ozemail.com.au
Where From: Sydney, Australia
Favorite Record: Red Cross EP
Favorite Band: Red Cross
Favorite Myth About Posh Boy: Red Cross- they're mythical in themselves!
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: Red Cross EP

If anyone can hook me up with a CD copy of "The Future Looks Brighter" please send me some e-mail. Also looking for any old Red Cross releases on Posh Boy. Thanks! :o)

J - 11/27/98 18:24:43
My Email:goldbox@sdcoe.ca.us
Where From: San Diego. CA
Favorite Record: Clash "S/T" UK
Favorite Band: Clash
Favorite Myth About Posh Boy: The Shattered Faith ripoff blah...
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: EVERYTHING

Hey, I was wondering if there were any Shattered Faith masters laying around that never went in to print. Would you ever release them?

* Posh Boy Replies *

As far as I remember we recorded just 6 masters with S.F. and all of them saw the light of day on different early Posh Boy releases. We have no plans on re-releasing any of those masters but would like to license them to any record company we feel comfortable doing business with. As it happens, Repertoire Records in Germany, a major re-issue label, has rights to the entire osh Boy catalog; so far they have contributed about a dozen of our masters to "The World of Punk" double CD that ZYX records released in Germany a couple of years back.

RENE ROMERO - 11/24/98 16:49:00
Where From: SAN DIEGO, CA
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: REVISED RECORDS


Rene, I am sorry that we no longer send out catalogs or do mail order of any sort. Try Zed Records or Get Hip.

Ed Hardy - 10/30/98 18:11:21
My URL:http://www.eclipse-records.com
My Email:ed@eclipse-records.com
Where From: Arizona

Nice website you've got! I have a friend who is looking for anything by Symbol Six and Shattered Faith (on cd preferably or vinyl or tape). Can you tell me where I can order any of these or anywhere who may be selling used copies?

* Posh Boy Replies *

Symbol Six was included on the late 1980's edition of the Agent Orange CD that has been out of print since early 1993. For Shattered Faith, there may be copies of the vinyl version of the Future Looks Bright still in the distribution chain. Try the http://www.gethip.com site or the zedrecords.com site.

Stephen Teal - 10/26/98 16:36:30
My Email:ctephen@hotmail.com
Where From: Westminster School, London
Favorite Record: Heartbreak a Stranger - Bob Mould
Favorite Band: Black Grape

Greetings from your old stomping ground. It sounds like our loss was your gain. If you're ever in London, do make a point of visiting the old place. Jim Cogan's still here but is usually kept under restraint!

Jenny - 09/27/98 15:49:15
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/1420/
My Email:burymagnets@hotmail.com
Where From: Kansas City, Missouri
Favorite Record: Sailing the Seas of Cheese (Primus)
Favorite Band: R.E.M.
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: Just Glu It, Glu Gun

I was talking with a friend the other night and he was talking about Glu Gun and he asked me to try to find a copy of their album "Just Glu It". He said that he has the new one and he's been searching about a year and a half for the old one. I've been loo ing for it, but can't find it. I'm assuming that it's out of print and possibly quite rare. Do you have any idea where I could find this album? Thanks a lot.

* Sniffer replies *

"Just Glu It" has never gone out of print since its 1994 release! It's been available in the USA and Germany since release. The German packaging is slightly more colorful than the domestic one, though the discs themselves were all pressed in the USA.

Now to try and help your friend find one! If you cannot persuade a record store to order from the 2 U.S. distributors, Get Hip in Pittsburgh or Sound of California in Long Beach, Calif., try writing to the band themselves at : P O Box 571794 Tarzana CA 91357.

Tommy Carroll - 09/22/98 14:46:09
My URL:http://members.aol.com/kingpin96
My Email:kingpin96@aol.com
Where From: Washington DC
Favorite Record: MTV's Divas Soundtrack!

Robbie- I was out in Georgetown the other night, with some friends, and we cruised into a pretty well known punk rock record store. I immediately noticed the several boxes of records marked "used-cheap"...I thought, what the hell...so after about an hour of going through these dirty old boxes, I not only located a copy of the Stepmothers "You Were Never My Age", but I also scored not one, but get this, THREE unopened copies of "The Future Looks Brighter"...I have only been looking for these for about ten years now ..anyways...I see that GTA has released the Shattered Faith recordings...but not studio? I'm confused...is this a "live" recording? I didnt think it was billed as one...and one more thing...is there any new "news" in the recent developments category? I tr to check the page once or twice a week, but the last entry is dated 4/20/98...I know you're retired, but, come on..lets not get lazy, ok? adios, amigo...

* The Retired One Replies *

Tommy, I just put 20 boxes into storage and came across 20 copies of the original "Future Looks Bright" pressing (the ones correctly inscribed "1 of 500". Glad to hear of your find.
I really don't have details yet of the GTA release. I'd like to know if there are other versions of the Posh Boy masters contained. I'll try and get around to adding news items but really I think I have written all such recent items in the comments sec ion(s) on this page.

Ed Kraus - 09/20/98 05:03:24
My Email:edk007@aol.com
Where From: MA
Favorite Record: Posh Hits
Favorite Band: Channel 3
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: Posh Hits/Last Time I Drank

I still have not been able to find anyone selling the Beach Blvd CD. None of the online sources carry it, do you have any suggestions. I want to get my hands on the Simpletones stuff. There was some talk a while back about Posh Hits being re-issued on CD, has anything happened with that?. Posh Boy, you were the first to make Punk fun and all of the Channel 3, Agent Orange, Simpletones etc tunes will still be fresh long after grunge is forgotten.

* Posh Boy Responds *

As always, thank you for your kind words.
is where anyone interested in purchasing Posh Boy product should go on-line. Get Hip have revamped their site and it looks pretty straightforward to order things - though they ask you to use snail mail to send in your money.

Get Hip most definitely has the Beach Blvd. CD in stock. The catalog number is Posh Boy 8102-2.

Here are a couple of interesting Simpletones stories :

Last Simpletones drummer, Josh Freese has taken leave from his gig with The Vandals and Devo to drum for the latest incarnation of Guns 'n Roses.

Whilst going through the PB archives, I found a letter and demo tape from Mars Bonfire from 1979 asking me to get the Simpletones to record his song "Born To Be Wild". Little did I know that Snickers (R.I.P. 1997) would look right for singing that song j st 2 years later.

Raven F. - 09/17/98 10:26:48
My URL:http://members.xoom.com/PNDesign/calear
My Email:corbeauf@aol.com
Where From: Upland, Ca.
Favorite Record: Future Looks Brighter
Favorite Band: Shattered Faith,S.D. TSOL
Favorite Myth About Posh Boy: don't have one
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: SHATTERED FAITH !!

I remember all the shows that I went to as a kid, and all the bands I loved were POSH BOY bands. I realize that you are a business man and that you may have had a problem with S.F.,but I would pay good money for all those songs that I can no longer find. Grand Theft Audio released this CD and it's missing the Posh studio versions. PLEASE HELP ME !!!

* Posh Boy Replies *

Thank you for your appreciation of the label and its recordings of your favorite bands. I'd love to see the S.F. masters back in print, too, and we are always talking with other labels interested in releasing "old school" punk. But right at this moment, there is nothing solid to report.

Tommy - 08/20/98 01:43:04
My URL:http://members.aol.com/kingpin96
My Email:KINGPIN96@aol.com
Where From: Washington DC
Favorite Record: the new coming out by Shattered Faith on Grand Theft Audio Records
Favorite Band: hmmm...Hanson?
Favorite Myth About Posh Boy: He's leading a den of thieves somewhere in Bangkok
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: too late..Grand Theft Audio beat you to it..

Robbie...I just wanted to let you know...I was reading a copy of the new FLIPSIDE magazine today, and on the very last page, there is an advertisement for Shattered Faiths album, which is being released on the Grand Theft Audio label... any comments?

* The Bangkok Godfather Comes Out Of The Shadows *

Tommy, paesano!
G.T.A. have been advertising their forthcoming release of some Shattered Faith material for the last several years.
I would be happy to license them or anyone my material, but they have shown no interest in co-operating with me.
If they include songs owned or controlled by me on their release without seeking a license under U.S. copyright law(s) then they are looking for an offer difficult to refuse from my associates in New York.

Mike Magrann - 07/20/98 17:30:33
My Email:MXMF@aol.com
Where From: Cali....
Favorite Record: London Calling
Favorite Band: The Straight Edged Feminists
Favorite Myth About Posh Boy: That he preferred to produce records wearing mirrored sunglasses and a loaded nine millimeter in a shoulder holster.
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: Last Time I Drank!!

Robbie! Nice to make contact again, if only through this mysterious cyberspace thingy! (I feel like Capt Kirk, floating helplessly between the transport deck and the planet Vicodin!) How are things? Since I noticed the alarming absence of any real info on Kimm and Me in these nifty pages (very nice job, by the way! I'm still trying to find which logo you click on to find those nude CH3 photos from that fateful drunken shoot!!) decided to take the time to file a report..... I'm sure you know that we are both fathers now, and spend a fair amount of time together babysitting the kids, the breast milk, formula, gin and vermouth getting messily mixed up by the end of an evening! Luckily, both employed. Kimm attending to t e Human Resources of one of those monolithic computer companies, I at a small metal shop that produces elaborate sculptures for sale at the nearby border checkpoint. We are fortunate that our friendship remains intact, stronger than ever, I'm sure, for a l the tortures we've endured at the hands of the music industry! We actually still do get together with the guys and practice, and the fortunate few can see us at our annual single show at the Doll Hut Chrisrmas Benefit! We get lots of requests (okay, wo this year) to play, but really, what's the point? After the first big comeback, it's back to opening for the Dickies on a Tuesday night in Indio..... Anyway, just wanted to let you know we've found you, and will be silently keeping an eye on the shenanigans taking place here! Hope you know that we truly appreciate the chance you took on us those many years ago. You saw something in our music that perhaps we could not yet see ourselves, and if it wasn't for your motivation we would probably still be playing the backyards of Cerritos, though now we'd be the ones calling the cops to complain about the goddamn noise!!--Mike

* The Undeserving Loved One Replies *

Mike, it's great that you dropped by and gave us the latest news on your legendary group, Channel 3 ... seriously, I'm tickled pink to hear about the additions to yours and Kimm's family. My little girl is now 8 and singing the various hits off the Aqua lbum acapella on the streets of Bangkok where I am now living and she is visiting.

And to think that I have not sent you a check for such a long time! Well, royalty time will be upon me shortly (August 15) and I'll move you to the top of the payee list. As usual, I can't think of any earth shattering news ... your CD was supposed to h ve been released in Japan under Cherry Red's auspices but I have not heard or seen any confirmation of that.

I suppose you already know about the 21 Jump Street re-runs on the new FX cable channel ... the "Shirts and Skins" episode containing your music is among the episodes airing.

trash burns - 07/19/98 03:50:58
My Email:GermsCrash@aol.com
Where From: Bland Crapids, MI
Favorite Record: Germs-GI
Favorite Band: Germs
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: the Self titled NUNS album! And Avengers(even though they weren't on Posh boy, their stuff should be made readily available again.)

please re release those albums! the page is cool! um...that's it! thanks andy

Eric Panter - 07/11/98 00:35:37
My Email:epanterads@aol.com
Where From: Huntington Beach
Favorite Record: Living in Darkness
Favorite Band: Agent Orange

Robbie, I'm the music director for BTM productions. We produce a 30 min. surf, skate, and snowboard t.v. show called Disgusted T.V. that airs in Orange County, Santa Barbara CA, Aspen & Telluride CO, Park City UT. You may have seen our show? We run a full page ad in Electric Ink. Anyway, I was hoping we could get on a promo mailing list and get cd's from the bands you represent. Please give me a call at 714-969-6766 if you would like to get a copy of our show, or if you would like to send me cds, send them to Eric Panter Music Director BTM Productions 121 19th Street #18 Huntington Beach, CA 92648 Thanks for your help!!!

Send all goodies to : P O Box 4474, Palm Desert CA 92261

Terry - 07/02/98 16:09:37
My Email:LTDJ4@aol.com
Where From: Corona, CA
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: Mad Parade

Let's here some chat about them... still playing locally!

Start chatting! I think the only connection between Mad Parade and Posh Boy may be that one of its members may have played with Paula Pierce in the group Action Now. - Robbie

KARA R. - 07/01/98 14:45:48
Where From: NYC
Favorite Band: MANY!


Cher A.Bowlies - 06/25/98 14:16:53
My Email:GEREKIDD@aol.com
Where From: Lollyweird
Favorite Record: The Hawthorne Preservation Society,by:Red Cross
Favorite Band: Redd Kross, Bangles, The Terrortubbies, Blur bootlegs.
Favorite Myth About Posh Boy: That if you rub his tummy he'll grant you 3 wishes.
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: The Red Cross E.P. & a bunch of their other items that may be lying around.

Nice site ! There's some Red Cross stuff here I'd be waaaay into owning !

Jonathan Lee Rosner - 06/20/98 05:21:27
My URL:http://I Wish!
My Email:mers@sprynet.com
Where From: Los Angeles
Favorite Band: AGENT ORANGE
Favorite Myth About Posh Boy: His insatiable appetite for out of print Skid Row news letters is matched only by the girth of his skyscraper-like member.
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: Posh Hits Volume One (original cover)

Hey guy! Killer web page. One night in Bangkok.... JR

* Mr. Big Replies *

The producer of Mr. Firley drops by thee olde web site and diplomatically avoids the fray ... nice of you to visit, Jon!
And yes, another Saturday night in Bangkok. 

Mr.Firley - 06/19/98 21:33:46
My URL:http://home.earthlink.net/~mrfirley
My Email:punkcrazy@aol.com
Where From: CA
Favorite Record: Mr.Firley(california 45 unreleased)
Favorite Band: Mr.Firley
Favorite Myth About Posh Boy: Robbie Skrews Bands
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: Mr.Firley

It's nice to know that in america you can still have a record company after f**king over many bands ie: Agent Orange, Mr.Firley, Propaghandi, TSOL well the list goes on and on!! Its a wonderful land we live in knowing that slimeballs like Robie can rip of our youth and feel good about it. A word of caution to alll bands that come accross Posh Boy Music GET OUT BEFORE YOU GET SCREWED LIKE ALL THE OTHERS!!!@#%*?!!!!!

* The Notorious Skrew Replies *

Normally I delete this type of offensive message from the guestbook. As this appears to be an authentic message from an anonymous member of the musical group Mr. Firley and since I have invited alumni of Posh Boy groups to add their 2 cents' worth, here we have it, all the bile you could wish for from a group whose expectations were not fulfilled.

As I reference in my news section, Mr. Firley were somewhat left in the lurch by the withdrawal of Posh Boy in 1996 from actively promoting and releasing new recordings. Mr. Firley approached us some years ago and we put them in the studio with a professional producer AT OUR SOLE EXPENSE. We arranged for the release of one of their songs in Japan; unfortunately the company there, JIMCO, went bankrupt before their record came out. After the subsequent recording of the entire Mr. Firley album was done, we explained to the group that we preferred licensing the album to a bigger company; however, there was no interest from other labels in their recordings. Meanwhile, I had requested from the group artwork for their CD release (the contract specifically required the group to furnish color seps.; as the group was involved in graphics, this was seen as no great burden). The group never delivered any artwork ... probably because they had decided they did not want the recordings released! They informed me that the group had progressed to such an extent that the recordings no longer represented them. As I did not particularly want the burden of having to release their recordings, this suited me just fine.

Then the other shoe dropped : the group wanted me to tear up the contract between us; yes, I was willing to if they wanted but they would need to re-imburse me for the recording expenses incurred. Otherwise, they had 2 choices : they could release the recordings themselves (without their having to pay me ANYTHING) or they could re-record the songs for another label and any new label would pay the normal song royalties which would be shared between us as music publisher and themselves as writer/composers.

These characters entered voluntarily into a recording and music publishing contract with us for just one album because they felt that it would be a sound career move; now they are crying in their cups because they have convinced themselves they cannot be signed to another label because of their involvement with us - truly twisted logic!

Yes, it is a myth that Posh Boy skrews bands.

MARCO NEGOVSCHI - 06/18/98 22:20:15
My Email:BIGNAMEGUY@aol.com
Where From: VEGAS
Favorite Record:
Favorite Myth About Posh Boy: ????????????


* The Adult One Replies *

Since you insist on shouting, I have lowered the volume ...

The Plugz' album was released by Slash in 1978 and is named "Electrify Me". X's "Adult Books" was re-released by Frontier on a Dangerhouse compilation released in the last few years.

Since there are people like me who won't deal with Grand Theft Audio, there's plenty of scope for someone like you re-releasing fave stuff when you make it to adulthood in a few short months' time!


Linda - 06/14/98 19:23:49
My Email: The Smeggz@aol.com
Where From: North Dakota, but living in Pennsylvania now
Favorite Record: "Minor Disturbance" by the Teen idles
Favorite Band: I have many 'favorite' bands.
Favorite Myth About Posh Boy: don't have one
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: ??

Well, I don't know much about Posh Boy Records, although I am into punk rock. My first encounter with Posh Boy Records is a record that my older brother has among his thousands (well, not that many...)of records. I saw the first (I think it was the firs , but correct me if I am wrong) Posh Boy compilation..I think it was volume 1. It had Social Distortion, U.X.A. ("Immunity"), Circle Jerks ("Wild In The Streets", F-Word ("Shutdown"), Channel 3, Agent Orange,..and well, I can't remember the rest! It's a good compilation, though. I want to check out more Posh Boy records. I'm mainly into "old school", so hopefully that will be somewhat easy to find (I hope so!). This is a good website. Keep it up. Oh yeah, I forgot some bands and some of the songs on that recording. Anyways, maybe you can fill me in on some more information on that? Thanks!

K. RONDINA - 06/12/98 13:42:08
Favorite Record: I Dunno
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: Beatnik Boxset

Hello! I didn't make it to the Joey Ramone b-day bash, however I was at the Coney Island High Memorial Day BBQ, which was fun. I'm at this moment listening to the Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack and reminiscing about high school. Where the hay can I find he Beatnik Boxset that I speak of, do you know? It's great - featuring spoken word of various beat poets set to bop music. I think Rhino puts it out, I dunno. I used to play it out while working the outdoor tables at Accidental Records on Ave. Aah memor es. I know it's not punk but hey cut me some slack. Shame about Scott Weiland, huh? W/B Cheers! -K

liz - 06/04/98 03:29:44
My Email: cummings@cmn.net
Where From: ames, iowa
Favorite Record: static age (misfits)
Favorite Band: f-word
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: any and all f-word stuff

i have been searching and searching for f-word stuff forever. i feel like i'm so near, and yet so far with your site: where the hell can i get an LP or 7" of their music? i've tried just about every database that takes orders and i always come up with n thing. as the band that sort of launched posh boy, i'd think their music would be more readily available. tell me anything you know about this. thanks!!

* Posh Boy Replies *

Liz, I appreciate your taking the time to let me know of this problem. Just today, I spoke with the head of Music Direct, a major music catalog business about their carrying our records and cds; despite their having approached me, these people simply ha e not heard of groups like F-Word! and are reluctant to list their records. You could call them at (800) 449 8333 and harangue them! The other approach is for you to find a store that does business with Get Hip!, my distributor based in Pittsburgh.

Joe Escalante - 05/22/98 20:14:53
My Email: joe@vandals.com

Your new contact at Nitro is new label manager Dave Reese. I told him to take your complaints very seriously. Give him a call. f.y.i. His background is not records, it's stage management.

* Comment *

Yes, it's the Joe Escalante of the Vandals and composer of No Doubt's Oi To The World. Here, Joe is wearing his mediator hat. There are a few people like Joe who try to mediate disputes between the various factions in the punk music universe; occasionally, he succeeds!

matt whiteside - 05/21/98 18:27:25
My Email: mwhiteside@cbconcepts.com
Where From: So Cal
Favorite Record: too many to list
Favorite Band: even more
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: Release the Up Another Octave recordings

Hi Robbie! Thanks for putting up your site. I was actively involved with the "scene" back in the early 80's with a project that included myself, Spike Xavier, Jeff Koegel, and Luis Gaez. We had a pretty lame name, (Jet Set) but we kicked ass and had a blast doing it It gave me the opportunity to meet a lot of great people, many of who were just as bored as I was with what was happening with our lives. It was all about expressing yourself freely, and not worrying about what other people thought. That freedom added pow r to the music. Listen to early Adolescents, Agent Orange, SD, etc. and you'll feel it. Our somewhat brief, but powerful moments of freedom have passed now. Jobs and the real world have crept into many our lives. I still cherish those days, and would greatly appreciate it if you could contact me with the whereabouts of lost friends of mine: pike Xavier, Luis Gaez, Mike Palm, James Levesque, Steve Levesque, Scott Miller, Steve Soto, & Charlie Glancy. Thanks, Matt

* The Flattered One Replies *

Up Another Octave was Jon Lee's record store on Beach Blvd. on the borders of Buena Park and Fullerton. right? This was the store where Casey Royer (then of the Adolescents) tried to fence records that he had stolen out of Posh Boy's car, the night that I first saw Social Distortion play at a small party backyard party soon curtailed by the local constabulary.

Jon was a friend to many but his store - I can attest - never did much business. A reminder of how few of the local kids actually supported the north Orange County scene (the Beach was another story ...). Lee wanted desperately into the music business and hatched a plan to do a compilation record. A sweetheart of a guy, It appeared that he crossed someone in the criminal underworld as he was found dead, executed gangland-style. Perhaps, you could fill in some details ...

Was your group on that ill-fated compilation? Legally, we might be able to do something, depending on what agreement(s) - if any - were signed between the groups and Jon. As for master tapes (as opposed to mastering from some old vinyl), do you have any leads on who might possess them?

As for your friends, check the links section of this site for Mike Palm's web-site and email address. The Levesques' parents still live on Middlesex Place, so I am told by Steve who has directed me to send mail for them and for Scott Miller there. Stev Soto still lives at home; the others are unknown to me. 

Albert Fish - 05/17/98 23:13:58
Favorite Band: Angry Samoans
Favorite Myth About Posh Boy: He had any balls

What did you and rodney fear about the samoans so much? In spite of no LA support, or record deal, they are recognized for the gods of SoCal punk in historical perspective.

* The Testicle Bereft One Replies *

Thank you for providing a test for me : how I can remain "in neutral and not emote" and stay factual in dealing with a subject that I find very distasteful.

The Angry Samoans were an off shoot of rock critic Richard Meltzer's band Vom, which was Meltzer's forum for making fun of the punk movement in 1977. Meltzer, Gregg Turner and other members of Vom/Angry Samoans were highly educated individuals who clearly saw themselves as the arbiters of punk taste in their roles as working music journalists; they even had their own radio show that a few people listened to at KPFK in Los Angeles.

Driven by jealousy and incomprehension of how an uneducated dolt like Rodney Bingenheimer could have a hugely successful radio show, this gang came up with the crass idea of promoting themselves by releasing the song "Get Off The Air ...". Yes, Rodney became afraid of losing his sole income and when the Samoans played on his paranoia for all they could in press interviews and their own published rantings, he became concerned for his personal safety. This was, after all, an era of when suggestible individuals like Mark David Chapman could attack a cultural icon and blame it on reading "Catcher In The Rye".

For the many who knew Rodney personally, we were appalled at Turner's cowardly behavior for which he has subsequently apologized. What did Rodney do? Oh, he stopped playing the Samoans' records! Why would he promote people telling him "to get off the air"?

You are quite right in your assertion that the Samoans had (little) or no L.A. support. Most fans at the time did not like them, as they came off to be the caricature of a punk band that they were. As for label support, I have already pointed out that they were a group of well established writers with tentacles throughout the rock press; as well, they and their friends went to work for the major labels. Curiously, the people at Rhino Records managed to stay friendly with both camps.

I got involved in the dispute when the Samoans recorded and released in Germany a version of Hitler's Cock which they renamed Posh Boy's Cock. I did not find its allegation(s) amusing, that I was obtaining the airplay for my records the Sam ans so desperately craved for their own by indulging in homo erotic activities with my friend Rodney.

The Samoans clearly avoided physical confrontation with me; unlike you, they were not so sure of my yellow streak. As well, they avoided releasing Posh Boy's Cock in the U.S.A.. (If they have, please let me know and they and their record's distributor will be sued for libel).

The irony of the matter is that the Angry Samoans did decide eventually to take themselves seriously as musicians and composers; but they had foolishly tied this mill stone of a vendetta against Rodney to their collective necks, thereby depriving themselves of serious consideration in many quarters.

Like many, I have no opinion as to the quality or significance of their music as I won't listen to them.

It would be interesting to receive (Claremont Colleges professor) Gregg Turner's historical perspective in these pages. 

Ed Kraus - 05/17/98 18:40:41
My Email: edk007@aol.com
Where From: MA
Favorite Record: Posh Hits
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: Posh Hits

Robbie. Concerning a Posh Hits release. Your Cheating Heart - Could take it or leave it and if its on the disc I'd probably skip by it. Time to Get Up - Is a must have. I have it on the Posh Boy Story CD but it belongs on Posh Hits. Black Flag & Social Distortion could be replaced by more Redd Kross, Simpletones, or how about CH 3 Fear of Life. I'd miss Louie Louie on that disc the most Hope you can put it together with some good liner notes - Where are they now stuff is usually pretty interesting.

Ed Kraus - 05/16/98 03:52:20
My Email: edk007@aol.com
Where From: MA
Favorite Record: Posh Hits
Favorite Band: Channel 3
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: Posh Hits - Last time I drank I thought of you.

Posh Hits is one of my favorite records. I thought that I had heard of a re-release, it it in the works? I have also had no luck finding a distributor of the Beach Blvd. CD. Do you have any suggestions, none of the online CD stores seem to stock it. Thanks for the music. E.K.

* Posh Boy Replies *

We are working on persuading the major on line retailers to carry the Posh Boy label. Meanwhile, give Newbury Comics a call and see if they can order Beach Blvd. CD (catalog # 8102-2) from Get Hip. The Posh Hits re-issue is at the conceptual stag . How would you feel about a re-issue not containing Black Flaf and Social Distortion? Also, should we include those tracks by Baby Buddha and Los Microwaves? Of course, I have lots of other great stuff to fill out a CD. Last Time I Drank ... i an album I have tried in the past to wrestle away from Restless Records who have done nothing with it, as you know.  

* Robbie Fields aka Posh Boy writes ... *

Dear readers and participants :

I suppose it had to happen sooner or later. A little before midnight PST on May 11, some hacker(s) decided to get cute and post what I deem to be offensive entries in the guestbook and re-set the type in large red screaming letters. This may have been the same self-righteous crew that vandalized the Tim Yohannon memorial page. The modus operandi is very similar.

As a matter of policy I generally delete profane language from the site. If someone just wants to flame me, they can waste their finger muscles on writing something in a newsgroup or some other open forum. If they have a bone to pick with me, I welcome their polite questioning.

To that end I will address issues raised by "Uncle Paul" and "Bob Hankins" whom I assume to be the same person or acting in concert.

An edited quote from the diatribe posted follows :

Hey! Posh Boy! How many bands have you actually paid? You can come to Austin and bite me when you feel like it! Ever notice how when Posh Boy and SPOT produce the same band, the stuff by SPOT sounds cool and the stuff by Posh Boy sounds like (expletive deleted)? Why is that, Robbie?"

I have paid more bands royalties than you have probably seen in your life. The amounts have ranged from a penny to issuing checks as large as $10,000. Curiously, I have received more appreciation for the smallest ones than the bigger ones. You know why? Because, often a check from Posh Boy, no matter how small, is the first time a band has ever received any money for their songs or recordings.

Would I have done things differently? Maybe, with 20/20 hindsight. But things were very different 20 years ago. Very few bands were able to find affordable quality studio time on their own. It was essential for all the early labels to advance money to be used for recording costs at a time when those costs were actually higher than they are today and when record sales were pitifully small.

Black Flag and their stable of groups were some of the first in California to do it themselves. I am not sure if you realize it, but Spot worked for Posh Boy before starting with SST/New Alliance; Spot was a young engineer at a terrible 16 track studio called Media Art in Hermosa Beach, California, that the guys at Dangerhouse had told me about. I produced my very first recordings there, sometimes with Spot engineering, other times with his boss Dave Tarling engineering. I was learning as I went along and as it happened the guys working there, including Spot, were confirmed hippies at this time and had heard very little punk rock. But "credentials" count for little in my book.

We would have to ask Spot, but I have a feeling I introduced Black Flag to that studio; after all, that was how we worked in those days, on a co-operative basis. The last project that I can recall paying for at Media Art (which closed or moved shortly thereafter) was the early session(s) for the U.X.A. album in late 1979 or very early 1980, a recording marred by the musicians' frequent visits to the bathroom to shoot up.

Please remind me which bands Spot and I produced in common? And though I was delighted to see Spot in later years progress from inexperienced engineer to full-fledged producer, at the time I started with David Hines in May 1980, David was far superior in engineering ability than any of the many engineers I had worked with up to that point in time.

Godwipe - 05/13/98 07:48:41
My Email: Godwipe@aol.com
Where From: I oozed out of Cyberspace
Favorite Record: Buzz or Howl Under the Influence of Heat

I have a compilation album where Spot produced some Shattered Faith songs (Life is Boring So Why Not Steal This Record), so that's one band I think you both produced. Anyway, I don't think anyone "hacked" you. They just used HTML tags to change the text format of their message, which people often do in guestbooks. Some people even link to pictures and sound files in their guestbook entries. It doesn't take much of a "hacker." Most guestbooks reset the font after every message, but apparently yours doesn't. It should.
By the way, do you know if "Uncle Paul" was Paul Mitchell from Target 13?

* The Paranoid One Replies *

Thank you, Godwipe, for explaining it. However, I do consider it "hacking" even on a primitive level, to change the look of someone else's property and yes, I do consider this my own private domain. The incident begs the question : was I affected by the sometimes physical attacks on me in the early 80s. You betcha. I did not dare venture to go to Godzilla's in the Valley for real fear of getting pounced on by some gang. A lot of this wasn't even personal. Gangs would drive into the L.A. area from other cities like San Diego and create major trouble. Hey, the Fleetwood was all about the clash between the Huntington Beach set and the local kids.

I was not aware of those Spot produced tracks. It would be expected that the band would sound better as they became accustomed to working in a studio. The funny thing about the Shattered Faith recordings for Posh Boy are that they are not typical of the PB sound, being rather appropriately "dense" sounding.

As for Paul Mitchell, I would be surprised. Not too long ago I received a phone call from Paul, living in Desert Hot Springs, California. the same area that I have lived in on and off for the past 10 years.

I do appreciate your input which I have read carefully. And as you can see, it is not necessary for anyone to suck up to me to get a detailed answer. 

kara r. - 05/07/98 15:12:23
My Email: krondina@harryfox.com
Where From: ny
Favorite Record: too many to pinpoint
Favorite Band: undeterminable
Favorite Myth About Posh Boy: i'm a youngin'

is agent orange touring soon? what are old members of tsol doing now? hey -i just read a good book written by jennifer blowdryer (white trash debutante) about her life in cali. in the late 70's early 80's and her band the blowdryers. are you familiar with them? thanx!!

* Posh Boy Replies *

Kara, what a nice surprise, your dropping by here! (Kara helps to administer the Posh Boy music publishing interests from her office in New York, but she's a punkette at heart)

Agent Orange tour the world now more than ever before. As for the east coast, hard to say. Go to our links page and visit Mike Palm's web-site for the latest posted information.

I am thinking of being in New York for the May 18, Ramones birthday party at Coney Island High. Posh Boy alumnus and staff producer Paul Kostabi has been asked to play bass with re-united Dee Dee and Joey.

As for T.S.O.L., not much good news : Jack is putting together a solo album for Epitaph after the break up of The Joykiller. Mike Roche is in jail (according to his sister); Todd and Ron were both messed up the last time they were sighted, with Todd's ast royalty check returned undeliverable. As I have not heard from either recently, jail may be their home as well.

The Blowdryers ... not that I can remember, but I forget a lot. Do check out chapters 10-12 of my memoirs here on-line as they begin to tackle the late 1970s. There was one groupie I remember from the "scene" of that era called Jennifer. I'd recognise her in an instant.

dan rabin - 05/06/98 21:40:43
My Email: der@u.arizona.edu
Where From: chatham illnois
Favorite Record: anything by Berg
Favorite Band: I don't have one
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: The Pariah cd

I used to buy your records when I was in high school back in the first half of the 80's. I once had a massive record collection of which I sold almost everythingl. I only have fond memories of listening to my collection. What has happened to music toda ? These kids have neither a sense of history nor respect. We had fun back then now it's all been done before. I'm finishing a degree in music and currently writing a piano sonata. I spent many hours enjoying your records. Thank you, Daniel E Rabin

* Posh Boy Replies *

Don't think you're the only one here to like (Alban) Berg or Pariah! Michael Zilkha (whose comments may be found archived) and his former wife Cristina named their daughter Lulu and they weren't honoring the singer from Glasgow. Maybe we are the only ones who like them both ...

I have taken the liberty of editing your comments to reflect the high standard of use of English that I unilaterally impose on my site. If you find this an objectionable practice, please let me know.

MACHINE - 05/04/98 20:57:13
My URL: http://www.hgea.org/~embryo
My Email: embryo@hgea.org
Where From: Hawaii
Favorite Band: minor threat

How the hell does a band stuck out here in the middle of the ocean, get some exposure and the possibility of playing mainland shows!?

* Posh Boy Replies *

I suppose you could study the case history of The Sugarcubes (Bjork), also from an island.  
Mackenzie - 05/01/98 18:47:53
My Email: Mr_Skanky@Hotmail.com
Where From: Santa Cruz CA
Favorite Record: No Idea
Favorite Band: Sore Losers

Yo. nice page.

Armando Sanbrano - 04/29/98 04:35:31
My Email: LLFSARS@worldnet.att.net
Where From: Huntington Beach
Favorite Record: CH3 Fear of Life
Favorite Band: Social Distortion
Favorite Myth About Posh Boy: That you ripped all the bands off
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: All Social Distortion and CH3 and Circle Jerks

Great site. brought back some great memories(of what I can remember)of the old days Cuckoo's Nest. Saw the Crowd in 1978-79 at a party downtown. Beach Blvd is a classic album.still have it on vinyl.

*Posh Boy Replies*

The Posh Boy Social Distortion material has been re-issued by the band's manager label Time Bomb, I having sold those rights back to the band in 1993. All of CH 3, except for "Indian Summer" is on "The Skinhead Years CD" 8156-2. Some day I'd like to get the rights to their later Enigma material that has been long out of print. The Circle Jerks recorded about 6 tracks for me in early 1980. Keith was too drunk to sing and of the tracks only "Wild In The Streets" came to have vocals and the master tape with the tracks for the other songs went missing. The Posh Boy vers on of "Wild In The Streets" is contained on numerous CD compilations.

T.Carroll - 04/24/98 04:01:54
My URL: http://members.aol.com/kingpin96
My Email: kingpin96
Where From: Washington DC
Favorite Record: the ones i dont have...
Favorite Band: all of them...
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: Shattered Faith, the Future Looks Bright/er

Mr. Fields- I must say...had it even occurred to me that I would have been able to peruse the Poshboy catacombs, I would have contacted you in a heartbeat...Is there any chance that there is an old reasonably priced copy of anything with shattered faith on it laying around the vault? I was also wondering if its possible to obtain a copy of the liner notes for the Beach Blvd. Cd reissue.. thanks again, for this website... a fan...

* Herr Fields antwort! *

We have just started uploading out-of-print liner notes and lyric sheets. We're working on finding and uploading one of the German printed Beach Blvd. CD booklets or the original computer files that had the notes that did not make it into the U.S. version As for Shattered Faith, the only thing I have is the promo vinyl version of the original Future Looks Bright cassette. I tend to give the few that I have remaining (out of a total of 500 pressed) to friends; the last 2 to Carl the web master here and Lars Fredricksen of Rancid (name dropping mode).


T.Carroll - 04/21/98 03:15:19
My Email:KINGPIN96@AOL.com
Where From: Washington DC
Favorite Record: Beach Blvd.
Favorite Band: hmmm....
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: well..you know...

Mr.Fields, I have one other question, for you, and then I can let you enjoy some peace for a few weeks. how is the numbering system for all of the Poshboy material laid out? I guess a better question is how does it work? I can understand that the cd releases are preceded by an '80' series number(88, 89..) but what about the others? they dont seem to run in sequence. In that I mean, PBS 102-106 seem to be following an order based on their respective release dates, but then occassionally, you can find a number like 1011, or 1014, in between numbers like PBS 114 and 126( these are just examples, im not sure what the actual positions are, I suppose I can go back and check through discography). what gives? and...I guess I'm glad I picked up a copy of the Crowd LP, when I did... -thanks again...

* The Omniscient One Replies *

There was a system ... the singles are simple : they start with PBS 1 and run through PBS 43. There were a few Vodka label singles and they would have been released between PBS 17 and PBS 18. All the singles numbered 18 and above are 1990s re-issues of older material or new releases. The exception being PBS 6 Amoeba by the Adolescents that was never mastered as a single in the old days; it was assigned a catalog number for the 100 or so labels printed up by Max Messerschmidt for the 15 or so gold singles awarded to group members and friends of the label in early 1981. The gold plated records were probably some Mexican throw-aways. PBS 2 was mastered way back in 1978 for test pressings used for promotion but was not actually released until 1990!

There was another system used for all 12" vinyl : the lps had three integers, e.g. PBS 101. When the first 12" e.p. was released I added an integer to differentiate it. So from PBS 106, the numbering then went to PBS 1007 (David Microwave) before reverting to PBS 108. You're thinking of PBS 1013, not PBS 1014 as there was a PBS 114 (Baby Buddha). The lp records I manufactured were as of 1981 $5.98 list, the eps $4.98. When Jem released Posh Hits and sold it at the higher $8.98 list, I added an 8 to the catalog number so what would have been PBS 138 became PBS 8138. A similar fate happened to the second CH 3 lp, PBS 8146.

The advent of compact discs roughly coincided with the introduction of bar-coding and we needed an extra integer in the catalog number so 8155 (The Best of Rodney on The Roq) became 88155. However, when I went with Get Hip and started using their UPC code it was necessary to use 7 as the first integer, so that first 8 was dropped. Now I just use 8XXX-2 as the formula.

Of course, I have made mistakes with the numbering. I assign catalog numbers to records that get withdrawn or never even recorded, hence the gaps in the series of numbers. I don't know why I assigned PBS 119 to Rik L Rik's Lost Album. That number had been assigned to the aborted Shattered Faith album. Chronologically, as The Lost Album dates from 1980/81, I could have just as easily have used the first unused number : PBS 1012, which was supposed to have been for China White. 

T.Carroll - 04/20/98 05:39:58
My Email:KINGPIN96@aol.com
Where From: Washington DisgraCe
Favorite Record: hmmm...
Favorite Band: hmmm...
Favorite Myth About Posh Boy: well..you know..
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: Further Charges, UXA, any Rik L Rik, ALL Shattered Faith, and both Future Looks Bright/er

Mr. Fields: I wrote to you earlier this year, after having discovered your long awaited website. You extended the offer for a continuance of our conversation, and now I would like to do just that. I have just returned from a long overdue(10 years) trip back home(L.A.- its still home..). I am pleased to report to any other fans out there, that if you are seeking ANY older punk/ hardcore music, from any time period, and any scene, California, New York, D.C., British, Japanese, German, or where ever there have been punks organized enough to record anything; THE PLACE TO GO IS: ZED RECORDS in LONG BEACH, CA. They have a Website: www.ZEDRECORDS.com I STRONGLY recommend it. I have pretty much given up on Get Hip records as a distributor for any Posh Boy material, which is sad, because as I commented before, there still are not any reliable distributors out there. I was, however, after visiting Zed Records, able to pick up the following items: Beach Blvd. CD, reissue- no liner notes, but only costs $11.00 CH3- the skinhead years, a very comprehensive cd, again, $11.00 the Crowd- A World Apart, LP, $7.99 F-Word- Live, Like it or Not, LP, $7.99 Suicidal Tendencies, LP, $7.99 and a way cool Zed Records T-Shirt, $8.99... As of yet, I am still unable to find ANY material by the Nuns,(with the exception of ROTR Vol, I; and Posh Hits Vol.I) no matter how hard I try. Its the same story with UXA, Shattered Faith, Stepmothers, and Symbol Six. My apologies, if this sounds like a advertisement for Zed Records, however, after searching for nearly 15 years, I feel Mike deserves some credit, for operating such an outstanding establishment. It only cost me $402.00, for airfare, $441.00, for a rental car, and a very well spent $57.00, for the recordings of my youth( I suppose the airfare was well spent, since, I lived through the experience to write about it). Anyway, back to the point of this letter. Are there any plans in the future for any re-issues? We now know from the letters posted to this site, that they are in high demand. I was able to forward much of the information gleaned from these pages on to a friend in the music business, who also has many requests for Posh Boy material. I would like to add also, that , the Hell Comes To Your House are available on CD. Its been what? 13 years since the last time it was available? I would advise Robbie to keep an eye on the sales of this re-issue. It might provide some valuable insight towards the strenght of the re-issue of older So. Cal. punk recordings. Could this prompt you to act? Can anything? What about the MONEY, man?! my apologies..I jest..but seriously...Its about the recordings...they are classics...many of us were only able to attend the shows...we do not have any of the actual recordings of this remarkable music Era...I would dare say that I speak for many fans, when I say, that original pressing, re-issue, or whatever, its the actual music that matters, not the limited numbers of this and that...its the music ..really. Thanks Again...for providing a fantastic outlet for the many bands recorded on your label. It should have never ended. I am grateful for the 30 or so recoridings that I do have, as they appear to be truly limited. They take me home whenever I put them on my old Hi-Fi, Quadrophonic Stereo Turntable. - A Fan.

* Posh Boy Replies *

If only Zed were a full on distributor! Yes, they may wholesale a little but they are essentially a retailer/mail order house buying product in from my 2 distributors, Sound of California and Get Hip.

I quite agree with your sentiments about Mike (Zampelli). He and his late mother Marlene helped me a great deal during the boom years. If you look around this site, you should be able to find a photograph of Mike holding a "gold" Beach Blvd. album prese ted to his store back in 1980. Somehow, over the years, we lost contact to the extent that Mike prefers to buy my releases through distributors; which is a shame, as occasionally there are titles that get overlooked at re-order time like The Nuns. I can assure you that their 2 compact discs are in print, jus sitting and gathering dust in 2 warehouses, one of which belongs to Get Hip. The difficulty is that Sound of California will tell us both is that there is hardly any demand for that title; if the stores start asking for it, believe me, Sound of Califor ia will order it. After all, the guy has no shame ordering a single copy of a release!

Congratulations on finding a copy of the Crowd l.p.. This month that title has officially gone out of print. There are simply no more jackets available and they cost too much to re-print. The fact that you bought one for $7.99 demonstrates that Posh Bo is committed to reasonable prices for music. As you may know, 15 years ago we were selling those records at stores like Zed for $3.99 or $4.99. I just don't feel comfortable pricing l.p.s at the same level, $11.99 and above, as compact discs.

Will there be re-issues? Sure. It's just that we're coming to the end of a wretched period in distribution for this music. And much as people like Bryan Holland of The Offspring and Nitro Records would have you think otherwise, the mega-successes of 19 4 hurt our end of the business. Some groups got huge amounts of money but the rest got marginalized. Epitaph may have sold huge numbers on their compilations but nobody else sold significant numbers of their old school comps. I know, as I get royalty s atements from virtually every old school compilation on the market! And that market is horribly over saturated with releases.

That being said, we are contemplating doing a lot more re-issues before 1/1/00. Personally, I'd prefer to move to an on line delivery system of distributing music where you would down load graphics, liner notes and lyrics in addition to the music file(s) at a fraction of today's cost of purchasing a compact disc. Sure everyone prefers the artefact of a vinyl lp or handsome compact disc but it's getting uneconomic to market a limited edition of under 1000 units for $10 or less a pop. And if I knew I coul sell just 1000 units of a title and get paid for them, I'd be working day and night doing so.

So how come you didn't e-mail me to arrange a shopping visit to the Posh Boy vaults while you were in California? MONEY does motivate me. Seriously, I'd have love for you to have dropped by as I just finished a 6 week visit to the Golden, rain-drenched state. By the way, I gave Carl the web-master here a copy of everything on your wish-list, such are the wages of html.

I take issue with one of your comments : the Beach Blvd. compact disc has three (count 'em) sets of liner notes. If you're referring to (lack of) lyrics sheets, you're right, we didn't provide them on all releases. 

Ed Kraus - 04/20/98 02:06:54
My Email:edk007@aol.com
Where From: MA
Favorite Record: Posh Hits
Favorite Band: Channel 3
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: Posh Hits, Simpletones

Are the simpletones available on disc anywhere? I have the Posh Boy Story but am looking for any other compilations. What ever happened to the guys in Channel 3?

* Posh Boy Replies *

Nearly of all of the Simpletones material (all masters and many demos) was included on the Beach Blvd. CD re-issue (8102-2). Ask your local hip store to order it from Get Hip distribution. Most probably your copy of the rare U.K. released Posh Boy Story came from that source.

The 2 main guys, Kimm and Mike, in CH 3 were both victims of corporate down sizing in the 1990s. However, they're still young in their 30's and resourceful and I am sure will do just fine. Jay Lansford lives in Hannover, Germany. All three are solidly arried and have "day" gigs but remain passionate about music. I am not in touch with the other sometime players, Kelley, Burton or De Baun. A few years ago, the 1984 edition of CH 3 (with a fill-in drummer) re-united for a short European tour and recorded a live album in Hannover which was released on Lost and Found Records.

As for compilations, if you're interested in the The Best of Rodney On The Roq compact disc, visit the Rhino Records web-site for track listing(s) and ordering information. Search using catalog number 71099. 2 eally good old school compilations with about 50% Posh Boy material on them are : Stage Divin' To The Oldies released through Restless and Old School Punkreleased through Thump.

Mike Kenny - 04/13/98 23:40:47
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/hollywood/boulevard/1519/
My Email:seldon2600@aol.com
Where From: San Francisco
Favorite Record: Energy by Op-Ivy
Favorite Band: Dead Kennedys
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: Any Agent Orange S**t

When will you a have an on-line catalog?

*Posh Boy Replies*

If you mean, when will we be selling on-line, the answer is that there are no plans for us to do mail-order. For the moment, we are referring shoppers to CD Now for the few Posh Boy titles that they carry. Hopefully in the future, Get Hip will start list ng on-line the many Posh Boy titles they actually carry. We are engaged in improving the discography section of this site; at present, we have just embarked on adding track listings for every release. 

Brandon Abate - 04/11/98 16:54:04
My Email:sidecar96@aol.com

Well, first off, thanks for the quick response. That is pretty funny that I wasn't so far off with the Dickies reference, but that band and your label just seems like it always should have been. I'd be glad to send you some recordings of my band, whether r not you're into signing anything, it'd just be an honour for someone like you to give it a listen. Some of the things you did way back when influenced me and my music greatly. I'm eagerly awaiting the Posh Hits CD release.

* Posh Boy Replies *

I just spoke with Jon Rosner who tells me that A&M have been asking for huge advances from interested labels. Fat Wreck Chords wanted to do something as they are releasing new Dickies material. Well, if Polygram calls me looking for something, I'll broa h the subject with them. If I had been awake, I could have tried my luck when I licensed to Polygram my Redd Kross masters 5 years ago.

Brandon Abate - 04/11/98 01:17:26
My Email:Sidecar96@aol.com
Where From: Mentor, Ohio
Favorite Record: Queen 2
Favorite Band: the Jam
Favorite Myth About Posh Boy: it's 6 o'clock, time to get up.
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: The Dickies first few, even though they were on A&M.

All I know is that me and my friend, Mike could put on the Posh Hits compilation any time, any place and it'd always rock. You guys signing any new bands? Let me know.

* Posh Boy Replies *

Funnily enough, I tried to license the Dickies' masters years ago; I seem to remember Stan or a manager/lawyer of theirs encouraging me. Nothing came of it, as you know. I imagine Polygram, the company now owning A&M still jealously guards those record ngs. One of my close associates, Jon Rosner administers the Dickies' publishing which had been in a sorry state. I'll ask him if there's any movement to re-issue those masters on CD.

Just before The Dickies had their hit in England, I tried in early 1978 to steal their drummer Carlos Caballero for the band I managed, F-Word!.

We're getting close to re-issuing Posh Hits on CD; there may be a few omissions balanced by some worthy additions. I didn't think anybody cared about that Los Microwaves' track Time To Get Up. Should I keep it? As for new bands, I listen to ever thing that comes my way but I am not currently signing any new acts. Good luck!

TOhbL - 04/07/98 03:18:04

Another quick question, I have seen the Cleopatra Best of Punk and Disorderly. It seems to have alot of the same bands, but not the same songs. Are your records related to theirs at all? I just assumed that you sold the rights to them, or something. I noticed they seem to be re-releasing alot of old punk records. I tried emailing them a few months ago, but I never received a response.
I guess they are to busy trying to make piles of cash.

* Posh Boy Replies *

I have only seen the advertisements for the Cleopatra CD; I had assumed erroneously that there were a lot of tracks in common between our releases. Obviously, Posh Boy has nothing to do with their release. The tracks on the P & D records were originally released on small English labels, most of whom have passed into oblivion. I licensed most of the material on a flat fee basis back in 1981 from a label called Abstract Records. I chose to enter into a separate license with the Dead Kennedys for the inclusion of "Kill The Poor". There may be several different compan es able to license the P&D tracks to record companies around the world. It is an interesting question whether Posh Boy had established an exclusive U.S. trademark in the Punk and Disorderly moniker; in any case, Cleopatra did not approach me to buy out my rights nor did I challenge their use of the name. I felt that I had had a very successful run with the release and I should be content with my lot. Now, enough people have clamored for the Posh Boy version to remain in print that I have made renewed my royalty license with the Dead Kennedys a d a new pressing will be available soon.

TOhbL - 04/07/98 03:11:01
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Studios/6877
My Email:thutton@techcom.net
Where From: Virginia
Favorite Record: Too many to list, Depends on the time of day
Favorite Band: Same as favorite record
Favorite Myth About Posh Boy: I heard they were bought out by the Russian Mafia, which is now run by the Masons (ok, so I made that up)
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: PUNK AND DISORDERLY

Hi everybody, I would also be interested in the Punk and Disorderly CD. When I was a kid I owned 2 vinyl copies (at different times), but you know, if I had a dollar for all the cool stuff I used to have, I'd be a rich man. I also had a CD copy a year a o, but I lent it to a "friend" whom I havent seen since. On another note, did anyone happen to get the FLIPSIDE records that were released on cd (the vinyl fanzines, with ASF, TSOL, FOD, etc)? They are pretty cool, get em if you still can. A question that I have for Robbie is concerning the classical music being put out by Posh Boy. I have recently started to enjoy classical, or let me be more specific, HARD classical music, but I am reluctant to shell out my hard earned $$ for it, becaus each time I do I seem to get some crappy stuff like waltzes, or worse. So my question is this, are the classical records on Posh Boy "relaxation" records, or is this more intense stuff? By the way, If you enjoy classical music, are you familliar with G orge Crumb, or Edgard Varese? Also, has Posh Boy ever considered putting out any Industrial stuff?

* Posh Boy Replies*

"Never underestimate people" is the valuable lesson one could learn from your message. Yes, mohawks and Chopin do mix! The classical music I put out was of the more extreme variety. A piece of music you should look out for is the orchestral suite "The Planets" by Gustav Holst. Any punk guitarist should drool over the intensity of the first movement, "Mars". As for my releases, the Cortese viola pieces might appeal to the Goths, the two others featuring pianists range from the sublime to the harsh in tone. I am afraid I am not familiar with Crumb. As for industrial, it is not usually my cup of tea, however, the Baby Buddha album had industrial elements and it was released in 1981! One of my current fave groups is Plastina Mosh (Tombola/EMI) from Monterrey Mexico and their music ranges from punk to lounge to hip hop with more than a nod to industrial.

matt - 04/06/98 13:13:16
My Email:xxxx@xxxxxx.xxx
Where From: nashville, tn

i'm driving from Nashville, Tennessee to L.A. in Mid-May. I could use some help with driving and gas money. If you need a ride email me. matt

* Posh Boy Replies *

Matt, did you remember to advance your clock this past weekend? I did need a ride from TN to CA ... back in May, 1971. Are you any good at turning back the clock, say, 27 years?

Zzees - 03/31/98 07:51:45
My Email:zzees@geocities.com
Where From: Santa Clarita
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: Punk and disorderly

I'm looking for the Punk and Disorderly cd. Do you know where I could get my hands on one? Thanks!

* Posh Boy Replies *

Punk and Disorderly went out of print, both on vinyl and CD, last year. At that time, I decided not to manufacture additional copies as Cleopatra had issued a "Best of Punk and Disorderly" CD and I felt our sales would suffer. But there has been so much interest in the original Posh Boy version, we are giving serious thought to re-issuing at least the CD version. So if you can wait a few months it should be available, otherwise you'll need to hunt down a used copy or one from a collector. 

Joe Van Lanen - 03/26/98 01:54:39
My Email:jvanlane@ra.rockwell.com
Where From: Milwaulkee

Robbie, Thanks for your comments. They will be of great help. I'm so glad you have porvided this forum for people to ask questions and maybe learn a thing or two. I'm curious as to whether you've considered doing a book on the history and role of Posh Boy in the evolution of music and recording industry. It sounds as though you've encountered the classic problems of an independent label and I know someone who could help tell your story. She's finishing her master's thesis on a small '60s/'70s Wiscons n label by the name of Cuca which was the first home of the Fendermen. Thanks again for the info.

* Posh Boy Replies * - 03/24/98 20:19:58
Where From: Acapulco, Mexico


The easy question first : the distributors were never interested in the 7" 45s, so those records were always manufactured by us.

Sounds Good was the distribution company. They had an in-house label Suite Beat that was run for a time in the mid 80s by Epitaph owner Brett Gurewitz. By 1987, it had been re-named Chameleon. Soon after, Sounds Good filed for bankruptcy, as did Enigma/Restless parent Greenworld and Passport/PVC par nt Jem Records. The only 2 major players that survived were Important that became RED, later owned by Sony and Caroline whose parent was Virgin.

When I turned over manufacturing to Sounds Good it was because I could not pay my pressing bill at the recently shuttered Waddell pressing plant and they were holding my inventory! Once SG had my inventory in-house they continued to sell it until they needed to re-print jackets and re-press. At that time they would add their logo. Also, as the records were now being pressed at a different pressing plant (Rainbo in Santa Monica) the labels started to look funky; Rainbo would throw in the labels for free and the quality showed. Previously, I had printed with Max Messerschmidt and you spot the improved quality. When I took over manufacturing again in 88 or so, I started having Max print the labels again.

I re-printed just a few record sleeves between 88 and 92. Redd Kross 12", T.S.O.L. 12, F-Word! (but board jacket as opposed to the original paper jacket where you can see how the paper is glued to the board), Beach Blvd., maybe a few others. I have not printed any 12 jackets since then. So if the labels look good, the pressing is probably pre-1985!

Many of my album releases had inserts; from the U.X.A. album (PBS 104) onwards, Rainbo were terrible at remembering to do the insertions. All the Rodney albums had special edition Flipsides inserted. Once these were exhausted it became very expensive to e-print 10,000 for a pressing run of 500. A collector would need to jump in here and remind me which records carried an insert.

Joe Van Lanen - 03/24/98 02:23:40
My Email:jvanlane@ra.rockwell.com
Where From: Milwaukee

Robbie, thanks for your response. You have answered my question only to stimulate others. When you turned distributing over to Sounds Good or Suite Beat, did you only do so on a limited basis and pick up manufacturing again later (when you had more mone )? So say if I have a Agent Orange "Living In Darkness" with no distributor listed, does that mean it is pre-'85 only, or could it be a more rescent issue? Also, "Living..." is the only Posh Boy i have with a lyric sheet insert. Did any other releases ome with inserts? Finally, Does the distributor thing apply to 45's as well? Thanks again, For everything.

lou - 03/23/98 21:27:48
My Email:drummer@parlorcity.com
Where From: Indiana
Favorite Record: shut up
Favorite Band: james bond goes surfing


Roger Enloe - 03/23/98 01:12:50
My Email:Skaa69
Where From: Corpus Christi,TX
Favorite Record: nitro
Favorite Band: the Vandals


* Posh Boy Replies * - 03/21/98 20:49:08
Where From: Austin, TX

As I am on the road and today's machine won't let me edit the guestbook and add my comments in the conventional manner, I am taking this approach to answer Chipdude and Joe's thoughtful questions. First off, Chipper : It is true that last year that I had a group of strippers living in my Acapulco apartment but as communes go, it was short-lived. Please write Get Hip and let

Rik L Rik - 03/10/98 18:13:48
My Email:bg943@lafn.org
Where From: So. Cal
Favorite Record: Sun Sessions
Favorite Band: Velvets
Favorite Myth About Posh Boy: That he's gay
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: No

Fields I checked out your stock report. Very intriguing. It seems you have beaten the system, which generally is impossible unless you have big money. How long can the current set of variables exist which makes your idyll doable? I may well take you up on your o fer depending on your answer to last question. Bangkok seems to possess all the simple charms a man deep in the midst of his first mid-life crisis cries out for. Regards R

* Fields (aka Posh Boy) replies *

(bowing down), it is indeed an honor for my very first artist Rik L Rik to drop by the Posh homestead here at Geocities.

Of course, Rik has known me since before the start of the Posh Boy label, maybe that's why he still calls me by my surname.

Thanks, Rik, for being one of the only ones to get as far as my Bangkok stock market report. Just when I was beginning to think no one _cared_ ! Ironically, most of the activity I talk about is not interesting to the big money, the market is so thin rel tive to Wall Street or Hong Kong, as little as $100,000 can really affect even one of the large caps there. I remember one day when the biggest telecom stock ADVANC made a 20% up move, then calculated that it took no more than $1,000,000 in play to do it

As far as the variables you speak of, I am not sure if you're referring to the stock market or living conditions in Thailand. If the stock market, rest assured extreme volatility is its very raison d'etre; it is well understood that the Asian casinos are set up as legalized casinos. As for the inexpensiveness of Bangkok, the place was cheap before the economic crisis; current y, the prices are bordering on the absurd and quite possibly property prices will suffer significant deflation over the next few years.

jairo molina - 03/07/98 00:35:31
My Email:pogo77@worldnet.att.net
Where From: boston
Favorite Record: aerly punk bands
Favorite Band: channel 3
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: cds

hello robbies from posh boy records im so happy wiht posh boy home page. i find some good story about aerly bands from l.a. so now im interested on your-full catalog beacause i want to buy some cds from your label please dont forgeting/ good luck

Michael Zilkha - 03/04/98 18:25:40
My Email:michael@zilkha.com
Where From: Texas
Favorite Record: Masterpieces(Dylan)
Favorite Band: Bob Dylan with The Band
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: samplers


* Posh Boy Interjects *

I am honored by Michael's dropping in on this page. Michael started the trendsetting New York label ZE Records, a best of compilation released on CD a few years back through Island Records. I am sure Mike must be scratching his head and wondering why it took America 15 years or so to embrace off the wall "lounge" music which ZE tried so hard to popularise in the early 80's, just as Posh Boy sometimes finds it difficult to reconcile how the pop punk groups of 1994 outsold their 1981 predecessors 1000 to 1

I have known Michael since we were teenagers growing up in London. It was Michael, who in 1976, took me one evening to Dingwall's in Camden Lock in London to see The Ramones.

Tom Krasovac - 03/01/98 09:36:13
My URL:http://members.aol.com/Elctrcstrm/index.html
My Email:Elctrcstrm@aol.com
Where From: Fremont, CA.
Favorite Record: Too many to list....
Favorite Band: Agent Orange, The Descendents/ALL, TSOL, Husker Du, Social D, The Ventures.....
Favorite Myth About Posh Boy: Hmm.....tough one
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: Symbol Six, Beach Blvd, any rare AO stuff....

Hey Robbie, i just wanted to thank you for all that you've done, and all the hard working people at Posh Boy. If it wasn't for you guys (and gals!!!) many bands wouldn't have seen the light of day. I have met and have had the opportunity to befriend Mike Palm, and i' grateful that Posh Boy was able to bring the public's attention to such a great band. Although the original band separated almost a decade ago (RIP) They are still alive and kicking. Now, do you know anything of "Living In Total Darkness", the re-recordi g done around 88, with Scott on drums and Brent Liles (Ex-Social D) on bass? Mike told me about it, but it seems impossible to find. Mr. Palm just finally found one last year. It wasn't officially released, and i think the masters were stolen, someone boo legged it and slapped a horribly blurred picture of three mannequins on the front with their logo. And also, what was it like working with Mike and AO back in the day? "Darkness" is considered a legendary album and many bands name it as an inspiration, (A em, unlike one Orange county "Punk" band that ripped them off without given credit!!!) and it still stands out to this day. From what i've heard, Scott Miller now lives in SF and has played in another band since he left AO in 88, i've never found out whi h though. Also, Symbol Six had a few tracks tacked onto the cd re-release of "Darkness", did they ever record a full length or anything else other than that? I can't seem to find anything. That's all for now, i hope you can answer some of my questions, an thanks for the memories......

* Posh Boy Replies *

Tom, it's people like you who make this site worthwhile! I would never have thought to have commented on "In Total Darkness", now I will !!!

Let me address your comments in order : The hard-working crew at Posh Boy does indeed thank you. These days, though, there are only 2 people who help me on the non-musical side. Carl Nicolari (seinfeld@goplay.com) like you is a Posh Boy fan and after seeing the site he put up for The Crowd, w agreed to collaborate on constructing this site for the label. He's been on board 2 months and it seems as though he has been around since 1979! In California, I have a lady who picks up my mail and deposits checks for me and does some other secretaria work for me when I'm out of state. On the music side, my main man is Paul Kostabi, based in New York. If a demo interests me or if I need any studio work done, Paul is going to be involved.

The original band (Agent Orange) separated in 1980. Steve Soto was the original bass player and played on "Bloodstains", co-wrote "Breakdown" and played on the demos added to the 1992 Rhino release.

"Living In Total Darkness" was a hare-brained scheme that Mike regrets bitterly at having been sucked into. Christmas 1986, the band filed a lawsuit against me which was taken off calendar (New Year's Eve) at the Orange County courthouse and subsequently dismissed with prejudice. Together I and Sounds Good, a distribution company, paid the group a modest settlement amount and the group and I agreed to cap future royalties. Still smarting from their pyrrhic victory, someone in the A.O. camp had the brigh idea to re-record the entire "Living In Darkness" album and release it in competition with the original, with the aim of cutting me off from my cash cow.

Despite the involvement of legal counsel in the scheme, several legal issues were initially ignored viz., unfair competition statutes that would have prevented the selling of any record that would have confused the public as to its origin and the greater ssue of mechanical royalties.

It seems that only after the recording was finished did it occur to anyone that Posh Boy would profit immensely from any re-recording as Posh Boy controlled through its Covina High Music company nearly all of the publishing rights. I distinctly remember ielding an embarrassed call from Enigma (A.O.'s then label) asking me to confirm that I published those selections.

As Mike would later find out, he got stuck with the entire tab for the re-recordings, cross collateralized against A.O.'s Enigma releases. I was not aware that the tapes had been bootlegged. Of course, I don't care as long as the manufacturers pay the me hanical royalties (which they won't as bootleggers don't like sharing their lucre with anyone, least of all musicians and songwriters).

As for working with the band, I believed that I generally played the bad cop to Jay Lansford's good cop routine in the studio. But Jay and I were 100% on the same side in trying to secure the best performances from the group, given our (lack of) resources

Business wise, the group was always uncomfortable with me; "Bloodstains" was on the first Rodney On the Roq album because of the band's admiration for Rodney; the Posh Boy label was not that hot, yet. They came to record an album for me because their c reer had stalled after their self-released single and because my label had become very hot over the preceding year.

My releasing the "Eldorado" single (PBS 30) in early 1991 was to be the start of real collaboration and a degree of friendship between Mike, his wife Stephanie and myself.

The inconclusive nature of the dispute with Epitaph Records over their non-payment of royalties for the sample of "Bloodstains" in the Offspring's "Come Out And Play" was to put a lot of stress on our relationship.

Symbol Six had one other recording with me - "Box of Bones". I can't remember if I ever released it somewhere; originally it was slated for the never released Posh Hits Vol. 2.

Beach Blvd. has been re-released on CD with lots of bonus material. Check the http://www.zedrecords.com site for purchasing information.

Vince - 02/24/98 05:30:51
My Email:galloway@interaccess.com
Where From: Chicago
Favorite Record: Mommy's Little Monster
Favorite Band: Social Distortion, Naked Raygun, Agent Orange, Husker Du
Favorite Myth About Posh Boy: That there are still original test pressings of the Social Disortion 12"
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: Any Shattered Faith or Symbol Six

Hi Robbie, I scoured the net several months ago for proof of your existence. It pleases me to finally find Posh Boy in business and online. Thanks for including a complete discography on your web site...I've been searching for one for a while. I would really like to see the proposed Al Flipside artwork for the Social Distortion 12" (PBS 1011). I understand that you may not have it in your possession or may not be able to legally copy it in any way; perhaps you could describe it and mention why the band disapproved of it. Thanks for the great music, Vince

* Posh Boy Replies *

Vince, good to hear from you! There really were a few, possibly ten, original test pressings of the Social Distortion 12" PBS 1011. The only way to identify them would be if they had an "Alco" test pressing label, Alco the name of the legendary now closed pressing plant I first used in Hollywood. Many times my pride got in the way of making money and this was one occasion. The Playpen/Mainliner single was already scheduled and in production when Mike Ness and I fell out. I can't even remember the issue, possibly it was over the artwork, as you say.

Perversely, as I really liked and respected Mike (in spite of Mike and Dennis’ constant drunkenness) I just thought it better to put the 12" on hold. Obviously if I had released a 12" I would have sold at least 50,000 over the years, though initially dem nd would have been slight. Incredible as it now seems, I doubt if we sold more than 2000 of the TSOL e.p. in its first year of release, 1981. 1982 saw very good sales until everything stopped in 1983.

The original artwork by Al Kowalewski (Flipside) is the artwork used for the 7". There was never any different artwork done for the 12" as far as I recollect. When we pressed up copies of the 12" PBS 1011 for 1991's box set, Posh e.p.'s Vol. 1 we used one of the original 1981 stampers, I believe the "A" side. I seem to remember we re-cut the "B" side either because the original was unusable or because I wanted to add another track. The original 12" was to have just 4 tracks. The box set is now sold out; the 12" was inserted in a 12" black disco sleeve. We included with the 3 e.p.’s a glossy sheet containing liner notes for the Social Distortion and Stepmothers e.p.s. Redd Kross came in its own 12" picture sleeve.

keith - 02/20/98 07:07:00
My Email:gouverneur@worldnet.att.net
Where From: lost angeles
Favorite Band: lost poets

hey robbie...wanna read my unpublished manuscript... it has it all..road stories..gerber,darby,donny..brian,kyra,trudi,hellin..the gigs... elks lodge, masque,chinatown the john birch societ,,,the club of rome..the hollywood tower..the masque... the fights .. the drugs..everything you always wanted to know about "the 1000 days (1976-1979).." i was there.. anyway..let me know if you want to read it..

* Posh Boy Replies *

Keith, sure I want to read your manuscript. Maybe I'll learn who Brian is and what the John Birch Society was (other than the real one!) and the Club of Rome. Why don't you publish it on the web or are you holding out for a movie deal?

By the way, Keith, who are you? Were you like many of the others you mentioned a refugee from the glam scene that I never knew?

Jay - 02/13/98 01:35:46
My Email:plague@airmail.net
Where From: Dallas
Favorite Record: Change Today and about 10 others
Favorite Band: X Ray Spex, Adolescents, SkateNigs
Favorite Myth About Posh Boy: Living in Thailand
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: TSOL compilation of their GOOD stuff (before they grew their hair)

Any chance we'll get some sound teasers off it someday?? I am an OLD TSOL fan! Back from the good old days when Change Today was one of the best albums around. Or at least one of my favorites from TSOL. I'm just an old punker who's learned computers so I can support myself. Live in Dallas, TX. Real name's Jay M. ... Wanted to slap those m-f's around when they came out with Revenge! What the hell were they thinking?? By any chance are you an old exploited fan? Karl Morris, one of the early guitarists from exploited has a new band called Billyclub that really kicks ass. Check out their site at
They're on a small label out of Dallas called Idol Records. I liked your site and can't wait for more things to come rolling off the line there at Posh. If you need any promotional stuff done for any upcoming shows in Texas, let me know. I'll be happy to do what I can!
Isn't it cool how the Internet hooks up old punkers people thought had died or turned to society's creatures??
Thanks again for keeping Posh Boy and the music that we grew up on and helped shape us alive!

* Posh Boy Replies *

Jay, thanks for all of your comments. I took the liberty of editing your comments. If you object, please let me know and we'll make our correspondence private.

To answer your questions : We intend to have sound files, particularly of rare stuff as time goes on. The main emphasis right now is putting up the overall superstructure for the site, seeing how much we can do with the limited resources allowed us. So far, I'm guessing our total out of pocket expenses including log-on time is less than $50. Eventually we'll be looking at a site that may cost an affordable $50 per month to maintain but will pack a lot of bang and will put certain major label sites to shame. Punk rock internet, d.i.y., call it what you will, we' e doing it.

I'm afraid that it's no myth : I am indeed living in Bangkok. Call me an M.I.B.; I didn't get drafted to Vietnam but like many who did I have gone Missing In Bangkok . One of the interesting technologies I have come across here is a music compressi n program called MusArc that is used here for bootleg CD ROMs that contain the equivalent of 12 CDs worth of music on each CD ROM. The playback quality is superb, in no way a compromise like RealAudio. I'd rather develop a site that takes advantage of s ch technology and which would allow us to have the complete Posh Boy music archives on line.

Our business was always the selling of artifacts, the music packaged and sold in a specific way. These days, the artifact business has declined somewhat for us and our emphasis is on licensing music to other labels for compilations and others for such an illary usages as film and TV.

So for the moment we will be adding links to other people's sites, like Rhino, that offer surfers Posh Boy sound files using storage that we just don't have available to us at the present time.

You may not be aware of it, but I sold my rights to the dozen or so TSOL masters that I controlled to Bryan (Offspring) Holland's Nitro label last year for a nice sum. I still have the publishing rights. Any new compilation would be up to Nitro co-opera ing with the other labels that control T.S.O.L. masters. Epitaph now own the "Dance With Me" masters having purchased those from Frontier. "Beneath The Shadows" is owned by the band members and through inertia remains with Restless, the successor compan to Enigma. Restless control the balance of the T.S.O.L. catalog.

I was never into The Exploited. The closest thing to it was being mesmerized by Jimmy Pursey and Sham 69 in London in 1980. I greatly appreciate your taking the time to express your views.

Kirsten - 02/11/98 20:12:34
My Email:slacktify5@aol.com
Where From: Redlands CA./Carson City NV

Hi Robbie! Remember me? I contacted you at one time asking for help in finding a copy of CH3's Last time I drank. Well, I still haven't found it and I have a different request now. I am opening up my own retail clothing/music shop in Carson City, NV and am looking for a good source on old school punk music. Are you distributing anything? What are you doing these days? I hope all is well whatever you may be doing! Still spending time in Acapulco? Wish I was there right now, theres lots of snow here! Anyway, if you can help or even point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it! Oh yeah, I'm also looking for bands that might want to come up and play a free gig for my grand opening in March, any ideas? Thanx Robbie! P.S. Did you know Posh Boy is listed in the back of Ben is Dead for not paying their ad bill???? I saw that tonight and thought it was funny :) C-YA! Kirsten

* Posh Boy Replies *


Sure I remember you ... I looked all through my closet for a copy of that record for you. Could only find an empty sleeve.

I wish you every success with your new store. You should contact Bill Karras at Sound of California
(fax : (562) 493 8898). He carries all the kewl stuff you're looking for.

As for Acapulco, I packed up half and gave away the remainder of my things there a week before the hurricane struck last September. I made a lateral move to Bangkok, Thailand. But as you know, you can always find me in cyber-space.

No, I didn't know about making the (dis)honor roll in Ben Is Dead. I find it funny, too. The other magazines must be scratching their heads, as I never stiffed a fanzine before. Other advertisers will understand: Ben Is Dead is so flaky, it's beyond b lief. I had placed the ad for a certain issue, requesting as I always do specific placement; meanwhile months later, the issue had not appeared and they announced that the negotiated ad rates had gone up. I told them I wasn't going to pay extra so canc l the ad. But they ran it anyway sticking it in the back as they had empty space. Remember these are people who do not answer the phone. The last heard from them was a year ago when some lunatic calls me at 1 a.m. demanding money for the ad. Right the e I resolved not to pay them a penny. Ever noticed how out of date the ads are, advertising records that have been out for a year?

Ray Peterson - 02/10/98 21:19:57
My Email:cdcollectr@aol.com
Where From: Rhode Island
Favorite Record: Living In Darkness
Favorite Band: Toy Dolls
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: Redd Kross- teen babes from monsanto/Plain Wrap-original music.../Code Of Honor/Shattered Faith/Enigma Variations Vol.1/ Posh Hits Vol. 1

Thanks for all the great music over the years. Good to see you have a website!

* Posh Boy Replies *

Ray, thanks for taking the time to add your comments. Your thanks should go to Carl Nicolari who built the foundation and superstructure for this site, I just add my pithy comments . Carl definitely plays the David Hines role here, making it all hap en.

It's interesting about The Toy Dolls; their "Nellie The Elephant" has to be one of the most popular punk songs of all time; I have received numerous requests from other record companies to license it, but it's not in the Posh Boy catalog! Teen Babes, wa that the Smoke 7 record re-released on Frontier? If there's ever another punk revival or maybe even without one, someone will probably pirate a CD edition of Posh Hits Vol. 1 including all the tracks that I can no longer use. So long as they pay the mechanical (publishing) royalties, I'll be happy. Japan would have been a good candidate for a legitimate re-release as their copyright on foreign sound recordings used to run just 20 years.

I would rather have bootleggers use this site for information they need than for them to get it wrong and perpetuate "myths". Of course, most bootleggers know more about my label than I do! Just pay the g-d mechanicals!

cliff davis - 02/03/98 18:33:14
My URL:http://www.ben2.ucla.edu/~cdavis
My Email:cdavis@ucla.edu
Where From: SoCal
Favorite Record: Living in Darkness
Favorite Band: Agent Orange
Favorite Myth About Posh Boy: 'pulled a gun on us!'
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: Hell comes to Your House

I remember when bands thought it was cool that some whacked scholteacher would help them put out a record. Then, they figured out that somebody somewhere made ten bucks, and suddenly it was 'robbie fields ripped me off!' I don't care who screwed who- I' damn glad these recordings exist. What about digging up 'Skeletons In The Closet' (Eddie & the Subtitles), or the nearly perfect "Hell Comes to Your House" comp on Bemisbrain records, and reissuing them on CD? I've got the vinyl but I'm old and lazy- I want a CD. Then, if the reissues came close to paying for themselves, there could be a whole new legion of people saying you porked them. Seriously, PoshBoy Reords printed the music that was the at the crux of my youth. Thank you.

* Posh Boy Replies *

Cliff, you've made an old whacked schoolteacher weep! I take it you are referring to me as that professorial gentleman cruising the suburbs looking for raw talent to put into the studio and create history. Yes, I was a schoolteacher in Pasadena, California in 1978-79. At one point, I was a lodger in Cleatu Scott's (mother of Snickers from the Simpletones) house in Alhambra and driving to work each morning at a different Pasadena high school after spending the previous evening checking out bands at the Hong Kong Cafe.

As regards the re-issues : Eddie moved in his own orbit and though we were all acquainted with one another, we had different agendas and certainly different ways of conducting "business" (I am being oblique here). Which was tragic, as I don't think Edd e had any idea of the potential stature of his song "American Society", a not unusual syndrome for artists not to know when they have produced the goods. I say this, as anyone familiar with this particular period would know that by being on the Posh Boy abel at this time would have ensured far greater exposure.

I believe the ownership of Eddie's masters is unclear; I certainly don't know who has the rights ... they may have actually passed into the public domain (a situation possible with pre-1989 masters and a real liklihood with pre-1978 recordings). Contrar to what some may think, Posh Boy has always been very legalistic in its exploitation of artist recordings and I have steered clear of ever being accused of bootlegging an artist. After all, there are plenty of other people doing that kind of thing.

One extraordinary character who came in from the shadows is Long Gone John of Sympathy For The Recording Industry. He's passionate about the music you mentioned and would normally be the best candidate for this kind of re-issue. So I wonder why he hasn' got involved.

As far as "Hell Comes To Your House" is concerned, my recollection is that there were two partners involved, Steve Sinclair and someone else, whose identity escapes me. In 1989, I was at the 50th anniversary party for the Rainbo Records pressing plant and I pitched one of the partners (my memory is shot!) on doing a CD re-issue. Nothing came of it. My impression was that there was an ownership dispute and that exploitation would just stir things up. Amazing, as I know I could have made a lot of money for everyone involved during the old school punk compilation boom of 1994.

The major part of Posh Boy's business these days is licensing tracks for compilations and retrospectives. Ironically, the Posh Boy label has an unblemished reputation in the industry for licensing legitimate masters. And that brings us to a possible exp anation of why this material remains in the vaults : if the masters were at sometime released or licensed and one of the groups came out of the woodwork and alleged that there was no recording or licensing agreement between them and the label, that label, given the absence of paperwork, would think hard about cont nuing to exploit the disputed masters. Weathering allegations of non-payment of royalties is small potatoes in comparison.

I have done a copyright search on "American Society" and I see that Eddie's real name is/was Edwin Frank and that he kept his publishing as Eddie Subtitle's Music; almost surprised not to see Bug Music listed as co-publisher. Unfortunately the BMI datab se does not list a contact address; if someone were to call BMI and request it, that would be the clue as to who owns those masters.

The biggest part of my business these days is administering "lost" copyrights like the above ones for 30 something musicians who kept their publishing but never managed to collect much in the way of royalties. Not because someone was ripping them off; us ally because no one was actually claiming the royalties as they were being accrued in the U.S.A. and foreign territories.

I am still that whacked school teacher. Class dismissed.

Chris Adcock - 02/03/98 03:55:00
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Suggestions for CD Re-releases: Beach Blvd., California/I like drugs 7" (Simpletones)

8 months ago some dork I met had the Simpletones on the B side of his stupid ass Blink 182 recording. I was quite excited about their music, however was told that it would be absolutely impossible to find any of their stuff. I even doubted the fact that I had ever heard them for awhile, cause they really are hard to track down. But I'm stoked I found this site, please give me some info on how to get their records. (Rare/Used/Collectible?) I figure that you guys would know. Thanx

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Chris, you gotta help me! I am not familiar with the Blink 182 release. Did they cover a Simpletones song? Or was there a Simpletones recording coupled with theirs? As you're on the east coast, try contacting Get Hip, one of Posh Boy's two U.S. distributors. E-mail them at gethip@gethip.com or visit their web site at www.gethip.com . Now we don't know why, but the web site has no information on the Posh Boy label t ough they carry every one of our titles in print. The Simpletones' "Kirsty Q" single should still be available besides the Beach Blvd. CD 8102-2 which contains both "California" and "I Like Drugs". Please let us know if Get Hip are helpful or not.

JiMi - 02/02/98 05:59:39
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Suggestions for CD Re-releases: us

check out my bands page

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I did check out your page! A lot more bells and whistles than this one, for sure. Impressive for a band that's been together just 2 weeks. Could not get the sound file to d/l, though. Though lower fidelity, real audio seems a lot less frustrating. Keep that middle finger out and straight up!

Mike Slutz - 01/26/98 00:22:02
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Suggestions for CD Re-releases: Shattered Faith, CH 3, and Symbol Six

Keep up the good webpage, and keep making good releases.


All of the CH 3 tracks recorded for Posh Boy made it onto the "Skinhead Years" CD 8156-2 which remains in print. The Symbol Six tracks are a little harder to find: they were in luded in the U.S. compact disc release of Agent Orange's Living In Darkness, prior to the 1992 Rhino re-release. If you look hard enough, you may find a copy!

campbell - 01/21/98 04:03:28
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Suggestions for CD Re-releases: shattered faith


*POSH BOY RESPONDS* Your message is somewhat cryptic ... Did you know that China White was all set to record for Posh Boy but pulled out, right at the last moment. As I remember it, the studio time booked was used by the Klan, a otherwise it was going to waste. Little did I know that the resulting 2 Klan masters would be thought of as punk masterworks . As for Shattered Faith, those early masters should be re-released on CD. For a while, they were part of the Future Looks Bright CD (PBCD 120), out in the late 80's. Very hard to find, these days. The re-issue Grand Theft Audio was making some noises about including the PB masters among their S.F masters to be released. Maybe somebody knows something about this???

Dale - 01/11/98 20:37:42
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Suggestions for CD Re-releases: Posh Hits V1

Glad to see an old label still around, would like some ordering info and also would like to know if any other old indie labels are still operating. I have tried to find a few others like, Mystic,Spinhead, We Got Power and Gasatanka but can find no info. Please let me know if I can order anything from these labels or if you know where I can find them.

* POSH BOY REPLIES * But I am GONE, currently in Bangkok, Thailand. Posh Hits would make for a good CD, however, a lot of the tracks are no longer available to use. Black Flag have an understanding to go our separat ways, the Social D. track was purchased by them and their management, T.S.O.L. is a little tricky as I'd need to deal with Nitro who purchased my TSOL master rights in '97. At least I can put Redd Kross on; for a while, Polygram had exclusive rights to he early recordings. As for mail order, I don't wish to get involved with that end of the business any longer. Hopefully, someone can post a link to a really good mail order operation that carries my stuff and the others you mentioned. Thanks

Paul Kostabi - 01/07/98 21:59:36
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Nice Web page Keep It Simple. Paul


Nice to see I am on speaking terms with at least one Posh Boy alumnus. Paul Kostabi is the same person as Ena of Youth Gone Mad, one of the most significant 80's L.A. punk bands not originally released on Posh Boy. However, in the 90's Paul and I have t ed to rectify past mistakes by re-releasing YGM's classic "Oki Dogs" and a bunch of other material. Incidentally, Posh Boy was able to reclaim Paul's copyright to the classic song "Guns" as recorded by O.C.'s D.I..

Blinkie - 01/07/98 02:25:52
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Timecurve - 01/05/98 03:09:11
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Cheching out your guestbook! Nice page.

Carl - 01/04/98 17:22:45
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Suggestions for CD Re-releases: Old Dick Dale garage stuff


* POSH BOY REPLIES * : Thanks for visiting the site you put up for the Posh Boy label! We started talking about this just days ago and already it's a reality. We're living in the past and future at the same time, kind of similar to how we made the original records, always with a nod to the past. Thanks, Carl!


* POSH BOY REPLIES * : Thanks for visiting the site you put up for the Posh Boy label! We started talking about this just days ago and already it's a reality. We're living in the past and future at the same time, kind of similar to how we made the original records, always with a nod to the past. Thanks, Carl!