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N11/21/99 01:39:11
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Favorite Record:
Favorite Band:
Favorite Myth About Posh Boy:
Suggestions for CD Re-releases:


Great site and photos! I a fan of your releases. I have all the
limited edition colored vinyl 7"s that came out around ten years ago plus
all the ROQ on CD & cassette. I do have a question though. It is concerning the
F-Word LP. I have been looking for an original recently and it seems this
is two pressings. Is this correct? There is a guy that is selling one on his
list and he says his is the original issue. He says his has the red and
silver labels as opposed to the second issue with the yellow and red
labels. And he didnt know what i was talking about when i asked him if it had the
original 'broken note' PoshBoy logo on it (i wasnt sure if it is on the
record on not when i asked him). Any info appreciated....

*Thanks for your kind comments*

I gave my only copy of the 7" set to Mike Palm of Agent Orange.

The absolute original copy of the F-Word! album was in a plain white jacket
with the F-Word! logo hand stamped in blue on the front and some typed liner
notes glued on the back.  Yes, I have some in storage that I may one day
sell ...

You're right about the broken note logo.  Obviously any pressing that has
the baroque logo could not possibly be from any of the first 3 or 4

pressings.  The second pressing might have been the red vinyl one.  It's
hard for me to remember.

- Robbie

Eric - 08/30/99 04:48:33
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Favorite Record:
Favorite Band: Adolescents
Favorite Myth About Posh Boy:
Suggestions for CD Re-releases:

i was wondering if you knew the where abouts of these guyz now. actually just the where abouts of rikk and tony. is rikk still playing? if so what band? is tony still doing adz? if so are they gonna do any shows? thanks. if you have an email adress for them idapreciate it . eric...

* The Man Who Didn't Sign The Adolescents Responds *

Rikk and Tony are alive and well. Sorry, I don't have e-mail addresses to pass along. Recently at the closing party for the "Forming" exhibition, a mini reunion took place : Steve Soto, Tony and Frank Agnew were present. No sign of Casey nor of Rikk, though I have heard from Rikk since then. The third bro', Alfie, has collected his doctorate in mathematics from Oregon State. And yes, the Adz seem to go on and on

Matt Robison - 08/25/99 04:48:33
My Email:mrobison01@hotmail.com
Where From: Lake Elsinore, SoCAL
Favorite Record: Object-Refuse-Reject-Abuse
Favorite Band: Dirt
Favorite Myth About Posh Boy: One Word:Sodomy
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: Redd Kross before they went Grunge

Hey man, You guys are great. I dont mean to pry, but I have a band that is strongly influence by old bands like Redd Kross, Circle Jerks, Adolescents, and The Germs. I believe that we actually have a unique sound for this era in time. I know you already have a place to sen in demos, but our's isnt done yet. My question is : Doesn't Henry Rollins just suck? I mean Black Flag was good before he came along. What were they thinking? Dez Cadena, was way better than him. You'll probably get our demo in a bout a month or two. -Matt Robison

chris - 07/07/99 20:17:52
My Email:sjcdehaa@ihc.com
Where From: SLC, UT
Favorite Record: Beach Blvd
Favorite Band: Simpletones
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: Simpletones

Are there any cd's, lp's that have the early simpletones on them? I crave hearing a non skipping sound of california!

*The 6th Simpletone Replies*

You can find early and late Simpletones material on the Beach Blvd. CD, Posh Boy catalog #8102-2. Look also for PBS 2, a vinyl 45 re-issue of the earliest Simpletones recordings.

greg daniel - 07/05/99 17:38:06
My Email:kwigybo@SUNSET.NET
Where From: chico, calif.
Favorite Record: rotr vol 1
Favorite Band: oingo
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: rotr vol 1-?


*Posh Roq Replies*

Can't help you. But you should be able to buy the third volume out there somewhere. There's a chance that we'll be re-relasing the individual albums as individual CD's but replacing a few tracks that are no longer owned by us.

James - 07/01/99 22:07:38
My URL:http://thunder.prohosting.com/~evilcrow/index.html
My Email:Adfkerajif@aol.com
Where From: CT
Favorite Record: too many
Favorite Band: stalag 13, dr. know, agression, angry samoans, youth brigade, cheifs, circle one, RF7, shattered faith, Social D, adolescents, black flag, CODE OF HONOR, society dog, blades

hey, was there a dispute between you and the angry samoans. I recently heard the song "Posh Boy's cock" i was wondering if you guys hated each other like rodney and the samoans did. Also, do you know anything about an old socal band called the blades. know kerry of shattered faith did. Anyways, do you know of any recordings by them besides on the "Someone got their head kicked in!" COMP.

*The Appendage Replies*

I have long pitied the poseurs known as the Angry Samoans. Amazingly, huge numbers of kids were taken in by them. I don't think they hated me; I would put down their motivation to envy, envy both of my success as a Kulturkaempfer and Rodney Bing nheimer's as a disk jockey. I think it will be much tougher for them to explain away that song to their children ...

Garth Hall - 06/20/99 22:15:25
My Email:GHall111@aol.com
Favorite Record: mine
Favorite Band: me

Only just discovered your web page! How the hell are you, Robbie? I'm sure I overheard somebody on my train home the other night, talking about their brother, who owned this record company called "Posh boy". Can't be more than one - surely. Send me a line - All the best - Garth

* The One and Only Replies *

That would have indeed been my older brother, Giffy, on the train. He lives in Midhurst, probably gets off the train before you at Haslemere.

For everybody else reading this, we are talking about the quaint train service from London Waterloo Station on the Portsmouth line.

Well, that English reserve of yours prevented you from introducing yourself as one of my best selling classical artists!

John Kim - 06/20/99 18:01:55
My Email:jjkst20@pitt.edu
Where From: Pittsburgh
Favorite Record: Minor Threat Discography
Favorite Band: Minor Threat
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: Pariah

Hey Robbie, is the "Future Looks Brighter" still available on CD? Let me know. -John

Sorry, it's been out of print for 8 years or so.

mark wheaton - 05/11/99 17:19:34
My URL:http://www.catasonic.com/catasonic
My Email:mark@catasonic.com
Favorite Record: Hyena

Please call me at 323-664-1404 I as you remember produced Hyena, I still possess the original 2 inch tapes, which I own. I would like to remix these songs and add them to a compilation of Johanna Went material and retrospective. to be sold under limited distribution through art musueum gift shops. This is in the "would'nt this be a good idea" stage. I would incurr all costs and give Poshboy due credit for the historical record. There probably would be very little money involved. I do not know what the status of our contract with you is though I know it has been inactive for many years. Lets work something out so we can document this obscure piece of music in some small way. thanks. by the way, visit our web site and see some of the CDs we (my wife and I) put out over the last few years. We do limited edition Art Cds.

toso filipovski - 04/28/99 12:48:35
My Email:corpus@freemail.org.mk
Where From: macedonia
Favorite Band: septic death

Hi, are you still interesting for good hardcore/punk bands for your label? Maybe you want any good bands from my country Macedonia? My name is Toso Filipovski, from Skopje. I have small tape label & mail-order distribution. Also i work many punk/hc show in my country and work in TV,Radio & magazine. I'm interesting to promote your stuff here. Ok, that's enough from me in this moment. If you interested for anything please write. Take Care, Toso Filipovski Bregalnicka 36 92300 Kocani Macedonia p.s. Sorry for my bad english but i hope that you understand me.

ben dead - 04/26/99 23:39:15
My Email:VofSnow
Where From: so cal
Favorite Record: F-WORD shut down
Favorite Band: the MeATMeN
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: rik l rik FWORD

send me some stuff on FWORD and rik l rik

Uwe Lorenz - 04/04/99 18:14:09
My Email:loornz@yahoo.com
Where From: germany
Favorite Record: SxDx - White light...
Favorite Band: SxDx

Question :
How does the Social Distortion first press edition of their 7" Mainliner look like?

Answer :
the center hole of the record is small like a 12" record whereas the later pressing had the larger hole. Of course, there were far more of the early ones pressed than the later ones.

- 03/31/99 17:21:21
My Email:slattiffy5@aol.com
Where From: Redlands/CA
Favorite Record: anything T.S.O.L
Favorite Band: CH3

Can u inform me of all the drummers names that channell 3 had right from the beginning?. I had quite an infactuation with one I saw sometime in 84 and I'd like to know who he is/ whats he doing now. Well I'd like to know who any/all of them were actually. Ch3..what great memmories I had of them. Thanks .

Kara at HFA - 03/26/99 21:34:51
Where From: NYC
Favorite Record: Currently, "bad religion-all ages"and "80-85"
Favorite Band: Goo question!
Favorite Myth About Posh Boy: The Nuns broke up (not a favorite thing)

Hello, Mr. Fields. I heard that the Nuns split up, is this so? Also, would you happen to know if either Social D or Bad Religion are touring soon? Thank you! -Kara R.

* Mr. Fields Replies *

Making me feel my age, eh? Well, I'm a teeny bopper at heart; I, too, am partial to Goo. How can Posh Boy possibly like a band that started out on Metalblade Records? It's true : I'm in love with the Dolls. I had the chance to see them last month in uckland, New Zealand and blew it!

As for the Nuns, they broke up in around '78, possibly early '79. They've been reforming minus different original members ever since.

Bryan - 02/26/99 22:53:52
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Dunes/6019/index.html
My Email:f00fy@webtv.net
Where From: memphis
Favorite Record: uh thats tough posh hits vol.1,double nickels on the dime,eater"the album",
Favorite Band: all posh boy stuff,eater,avengers,damned,minutemen well most older sst bands
Favorite Myth About Posh Boy: that the copy of posh hits vol1 i owned actually never existed but was just a real good dream
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: simpletones

are you ever going to re-release any simpletones?

* The 7th Simpletone Replies *

Well we did! The Beach Blvd. CD catalog # 8102-2 contains all the various previously released tracks by the Simpletones plus quite a few never before released demos. From time to time, one label or other expresses interest in releasing a Simplet nes retrospective but as of yet, nothing concrete.

Tommy Carroll - 02/22/99 04:20:39
My URL:http://members.aol.com/kingpin96
My Email:kingpin96@aol.com
Where From: DC
Favorite Record: Chipmunk Punk
Favorite Band: Alvin and the Chipmunks
Favorite Myth About Posh Boy: He is a pimp, in a Reseda Bordello
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: the Nuns

Robbie- I hadn't checked the page out in quite awhile...and lo and behold..a surprise! I dig the new format...I like the "Grand Entrance" page...seems somewhat ominous...I'm not quite sure how I feel about the newer Frames format, though..seems like Poshb y is trying to takeover my Web browser...almost sort of...Deja' Vu...dontcha think?...anyways...I have slacked off in my search for anything in the way of Shattered Faith, or the Nuns...Zed Records doesnt seem to be very responsive to mail orders... and Get Hip is just too damned inconvenient...I guess now I will give Bomp records a try..they however will only deal in mailorder...how utterly...convenient? Somebody should get their rear in gear, and put this stuff out in an online order type of operation. . hey could make a fortune!(hint hint, wink wink, nudge nudge...). Oh well...Damn this internet age...The overabundance of completely useless crap, overshadows the truly desirable products that can be a true goldmine when you finally score with the right de ler.. ya know what I mean? I can give you a hand with some of the online fans questions- there seems to be a pretty good supply of Poshboy materials at a local store in DC...it is known as the Smash(202)33-SMASH. I hope this lessens your burden of having o keep typing the words" try Zed Records...or Get Hip Distributors.." I know that can be somewhat tedious..until the next Millenium... -a fan..

* A Fan of a Fan Replies *

Tom, thanks for finding and letting know about a store that actually wants to sell my stuff!

I have been away from my computer for a while, using cyber cafes around the world and unable to edit this guestbook. Finally, I get to catch up and Rodney Bingenheimer leaves a message on my machine telling me that Rik L Rik had passed away. As the news alert on the front page points out, my friend Rik is still very much with us. Rik's a guy very much into self preservation, not a lush and never a druggie ... the premature passing of so many other musicians is so predictable given their life-styles.

X-8 - 01/09/99 06:59:22
My URL:http://www.angelfire.com/ca/X8/
My Email:X-8@webtv.net
Where From: Los Angeles
Favorite Record: too long a list
Favorite Band: Dollshead
Favorite Myth About Posh Boy: That he's a businessman
Suggestions for CD Re-releases: F-word live

Hey Robbie! What's up! Yep, I'm still alive (barely) cool site~~~~~ 'member when??? I still feel bad about the Music Plus promo party when I forgot to tell anyone about it.... Love~ X-8

* Posh Boy - 21 years later - Replies *

But we had fun that night! At least you were there that night, along with Gabi, Al and the rest of the Flipside gang. 6 months later, you were too cool to be seen with me, ha ha. It's always great to hear from old acquaintances, so thanks for dropping n!