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F-Word: Shut Down b/w Out There/Gov't Official 7" PBS 1: F-WORD! - Shut Down (45)(IP)
F-Word!'s "Shut Down" - the first Posh Boy release - was recorded live at San Francisco's Mabuhay Gardens in '78. Picture sleeve (p/s)added 1990. "Shut Down" was a Darby Crash song that was recorded by F-Word! before The Germs had committed their version to vinyl. The 2 songs on the "B" side were to be recorded by other groups, too : the Damned influenced "Out There" was recorded by New York's Electric Frankenstein. "Government Official" was included on Swedish group Sator's "Barbie Q Killers" CD.


F-Word!: Like It Or Not Live - Pre Release Copy LP PBS 101: F-WORD! - Like It Or Not: The F-Word! Live Album (Pre-Release Copy) (LP)



F-Word: Like it or Not--Live LP PBS 101: F-WORD! - Like It Or Not Live (LP)
F-Word!, with lead singer Rik L Rik, became the first band on the Posh Boy label in 1978. For the first 2 album releases, the Posh Boy logo was a broken musical note. The designer of the unloved third album, The Siren, did come up with the now infamous Posh Boy logo, using baroque type. Reviewed in April 1998 issue of Maximum Rock 'n Roll, just 20 years after initial release.


Christiane F: Gesundheit ! EP PBS 1034: CHRISTIANE F. - Gesundheit! (EP)(IP)
There was a remarkable German film in the early 80's entitled Christiane F. :Die Kinder von Bahnhof Zoo an account of the lives of teen prostitutes in Berlin, based upon a memoir written by Christiane Felscherinow. Together with the film's director, the then 19 year old Christiane came to the United States to promote the film; whilst in Hollywood, she had breakfast with Rodney Bingenheimer and Posh Boy at Denny's in Hollywood. Over the meal, she expressed a desire to make a record and somehow before she had left the next stop on her tour, New York, Posh Boy had arranged for David Javelosa of Los Microwaves and Baby Buddha to rendezvous with Christiane and record some tracks. Some different mixes of the same material were released in Germany. In January 1983, Posh Boy came to visit Christiane at the home of her then boyfriend, Alexander von Borsig (Einstuzende Neubaten), a communal flat in Hamburg. Also living in or visiting the flat that day, was the stunning Anja Huwe of X-Mal Deutschland with whom the Posh One went out to dinner.


Rikk Agnew: Smash Demos Volume 2 PBCD 8163-2: FACE TO FACE - Dissension (COMP)(CD)(IP)
Rikk Agnew found Face To Face early in the 90s and obtained the rights to this recording and song. Included on his Smash Demos Vol 2, also released on Lookout's PunkUSA and The World Of Punk a 2 CD set released in Germany on ZYX Music. In a nice twist, co-writer Matt Riddle left Face To Face to join 22 Jacks where he plays with Posh Boy alum Steve Soto.


Fall From Grace: What's Wrong ? b/w Do You Know ? 7" PBS 43: FALL FROM GRACE - What's Wrong? / Do You Know? (45)(IP)


Famous Last Words: From The Nat'l Affairs Desk PBCD 8170-2: FAMOUS LAST WORDS - From the National Affairs Desk: (CD)(IP)

From the press release : "Alfred J. Cruz is the best songwriter the Posh One has heard in a very long time; teamed with ex-Adolescent John O'Donovan, this is the sound of Orange County, California."


ROTR Vol 1 PBS 106: FENDER BUDDIES -Furry Friend (COMP)(LP)

Strictly art rock, this group included photographer Diane Lynn Perez on lead vocals and Posh Boy graphic artist Kevin Walker on guitar. Never released on compact disc.

For a facsimile of the original liner notes for this selection, including an interview with the artist and lyrics for this song from the original Rodney On The Roq album Flipside magazine insert please click here


No picture sleeves made PBS 7: ROBBIE FIELDS - Woman (The Provider) (45)


ROTR Vol 1 PBC 106: KIM FOWLEY -(Invasion of the) Polaroid People (COMP)(CASS)

Released on ROTR Vol 1 cassette version only.

Kim's an old friend of both Rodney and Posh Boy and it would be hard to find a more entertaining person in the music business. The last time I saw him was in the lobby of the Majestic Hotel in Cannes and the just honored Man of the Year Clive Davis was ignoring the waiting throngs and giving Kim a bear hug. We used this effort of Kim's as a replacement for Cristina on the cassette version of the first volume of Rodney On The Roq.



Updated December 1999