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The Best Of Rodney On The Roq CD PBCD 88155-2: NINA HAGEN - I'm A Believer (COMP)(CD)


Included on The Best of Rodney On The Roq compilation. In 1989, little seemed to be happening in L.A. beyond the Guns 'n Roses metal scene. Unbeknownst to us, Seattle was the place to be! There just didn't seem to be enough good local groups to do a Volume 4 of the series, so we concentrated on a "Best of", adding a few new groups, the most notable being Ms. Hagen from Germany and Dramarama from New Jersey, both L.A. transplants. It would be another 5 years before the Southern California scene exploded with the success of The Offspring's third album, Smash.


Halfbreeds: I Lost My head b/w I Don't Like You 7" PBS 42: HALF BREEDS - I Lost My Head/I Don't Like You (45)(IP)



Garth Hall: 20th Century Piano Masters PBS 8172-2: GARTH HALL - 20th Century piano Masters: BARTOK, BUSONI, BARBER AND RACHMANINOV. (CD)(IP)

Go on, Garth, scowl! You see, Garth's really a punker at heart as he tears through the great pre-punk composers.



Image not shown PBS 15: DAVID HINES - Who Is The Romeo? (45) 

Posh's engineer was given his chance, too!


David Hines: Connection Today LP PBS 115: DAVID HINES - Connection Today (LP)(IP)



I learnt from Jim Hines that his brother David Hines died 5 years ago in a single car accident on I 15 between Las Vegas and the California high desert town of Barstow. David was my engineer, collaborator and confidant for an incredible 2 years from the time in May 1980 when he came in to rescue my Nuns project to when, in late 1982, he stormed out of a session with one of the bands recording for the Rodney on the Roq Vol. 3 album. In between we mined the mother lode of southern California punk rock, raising the standard for technical excellence by a considerable degree. As a producer I would find the groups, meet with them in pre-production (usually in a rehearsal garage) then bring them into the studio where we would record the material we had mutually agreed upon. We soon had a factory assembly line going and it suited the label's purposes for us to work very quickly and not to suffer fools and allow them to waste precious studio time. The Adolescents' classic Amoeba was recorded and mixed in just 2 hours. The fact that quality recordings resulted from this frenetic activity was due to David Hines' expertise as a recording engineer. That the teenage musicians were able to play on their own recordings was also mainly due to David's expertise as a professional musician. If the producer needed the musicians to play or sing a part differently for effect, it was David who usually translated the producer's desires into terms those on the other side of the glass partition could grasp.

David was a talented songwriter and performer in his own right; I was proud to release 2 albums of his music; wider, commercial acceptance eluded him. In a recent e-mail, his brother Jim informs me that:

You may be pleased to know that Dave had rediscovered his spirituality within the last six or so years of his life. He became heavily involved in the religion of his youth (Catholicism). However he never stopped being "Dave". The ornery, fun seeking, childlike soul that made me love him and simultaneously want to smack him. He was the musical director at St. Monicas in Santa Monica, CA and the church was filled to capacity for his funeral. Dave would have loved it. He lived for the celebration.


Image not shown PBS 132: DAVID HINES - Raucous Rollus (LP)


ROTR Vol 3 PBS 140: DAVID HINES -Land of 1000 Dances (COMP)(LP)

For a facsimile of the original liner notes for this selection, including an interview with the artist and lyrics for this song from the Rodney On The Roq Vol. 3 album Flipside magazine insert please click here.


David Hines: Land Of 1000 Dances LP PBS 1044: DAVID HINES - Land Of 1000 Dances (LP)(IP)

Album released with a "disco sleeve".



Updated December 1999