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Pariah: Up To Us b/w Reputation 7" PBS 18: PARIAH - Up To Us (45)(IP)

The amazing early-80s hardcore sound of Pariah still holds up with today's best. Released at a low point in hardcore history, the Pariah album was almost Posh Boy's last gasp. Frontier, on the other hand, got lucky with Suicidal Tendencies.

This was the first of the Posh Boy re-issues that appeared in 1990. The German market for old school punk on vinyl had taken off in the late 80's. After Fire Engine Records of Germany had spent much effort in releasing the boxed set of (re-manufactured) singles in 1989 and had sold the lot, Posh Boy saw there was potential for selling more 7" singles in Europe and, to a lesser extent, in the U.S.A.. Now priced at $2.00 each to distributors and with master printer Max Messerschmidt offering black and white picture sleeves for about a dime ($.10) each, it became economically feasible to crank out singles again. Posh Boy spent the torrid month of August 1990 in his country club condo in Palm Desert, California, doing nothing else than digging up archival pictures of bands and dusting off master tapes that had not been played in a decade. Posh Boy used a cookie cutter approach with his graphic artist Jodie Cohen and the result was something like 20 singles released over the next 6 months. Then the bottom fell out of the German market in August 1991 with the changeover from vinyl to compact discs.


ROTR Vol 3

PBS 140: PARIAH -Up To Us (COMP)(LP)

For a facsimile of the original liner notes for this selection, including an interview with the artist and lyrics for this song from the Rodney On The Roq Vol. 3 album Flipside magazine insert please click here.


Pariah: Without A Trace b/w Learning process 7" PBS 32: PARIAH - Without A Trace / Learning Process (45)(IP)



Pariah: Youths Of Age LP PBS 147: PARIAH - Youths Of Age (LP)



Punk And Disorderly PARIAH - Live With This (CD)

After 21 years, their second Posh Boy full length release!



8166-2: THE ORIGINAL PARIAH - Youths Of Age (CD)

Pending ... and still pending! Posh Boy really needs another label to release the definitive Pariah CD; there's even a rumour of bonus tracks lying around in someone else's vault!


Punk And Disorderly PBCD 131-2: THE PARTISANS - Police Story (COMP)(CD)(IP)

Contained on the Punk and Disorderly compact disc.


Pep G!rlz: Courtney Is An Asshole b/w Sea Mammal 7"

PBS 41: PEP G!RLZ - Courtney Is An A$$hole (45- limited release)


Punk And Disorderly PBCD 131-2: PETER AND THE TEST TUBE BABIES - Banned From The Pub (COMP)(CD)(IP)

Contained on the Punk and Disorderly compact disc.



Pitch Factor: Self-Titled CD PBCD 8199-2: PITCH FACTOR - Self-Titled (CD)(IP)

Our very own webmaster Rich's former band.




Poop 7" PBS/Musical Tragedies (German release) : POOP - Desecration Generation / Chalet Time / Little Hitler (45)

Yes, that's Rikk Agnew in the middle with his partner-in-crime Scott Hoogland (ex-Mechanics) peering over his shoulder. Rikk has played with countless acts in Orange County over the years, lending his brilliant composing and arranging talents to any that sought his assistance.

Rikk Agnew: Smash Demos Volume 2 "Desecration Generation" deserved more exposure than it received in the U.S.A.. It can be found as the lead-off cut on the Rikk Agnew Presents Smash Demos Vol. 2 CD, catalog # PBCD-8163-2, which is still in print. 



Poop 7"

8164-2: POOP (CD)

Group recorded just 3 masters which were released on a German single. Only release in the U.S. was as the lead off cut "Desecration Generation" on "Rikk Agnew's Smash Demos Vol 2".



Updated December 1999