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Unreleased PBS 129: Y - Wild Hype (NOT RELEASED)


Youth Gone Mad: Life, Sweet Life b/w Oki Dogs 7" PBS 36: YOUTH GONE MAD - Life, Sweet Life (45)(IP)
Carl writes : And I always LIKED Oki Dogs. Better than Tail of the Pup any day of the week.
Robbie adds : So did I! In early 1981, I practically only ate those weird concoctions, a hot dog smothered in chili and cheese and wrapped in a large flower tortilla. Oki Dogs on Santa Monica Blvd. became a great hang-out before and after the shows in Hollywood. It soon became a great hang-out when there weren't any shows. It was very possible to scam on the opposite sex there, even sign bands to a recording contract!

One of the great mysteries is how Ena Kostabi (now known as Paul) managed to keep this song a secret for so long. All he had to do was talk to the very approachable Posh Boy and he'd be signed to a recording deal and instant p-rock celebrity. Well, no matter, we've seen to it since that
Oki Dogs won't be forgotten and nor will its kamikaze chef.

Oki Dogs and other rare Posh Boy tracks are contained on Restless Records' compilation
Stage Divin' To The Oldies.
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Updated December 1999