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Beach Blvd PBS 102: VARIOUS - Beach Blvd (LP)

No album captured the early Orange County hardcore sound like 1979's historic BEACH BLVD.


Beach Blvd PBCD 88102-2: VARIOUS - BEACH BLVD (CD)(IP)

1991 re-release with liner notes by Tony Montana (Adolescents, Flower Leperds), this CD captures the spirit of early California punk. Bonus tracks by F-Word!, Simpletones and the Crowd


The Siren LP PBS 103: VARIOUS - The Siren (LP)

Contains recordings by a group then known as Red Cross, as well as Spittin' Teeth and 391.


ROTR Volume 1 PBS 106: VARIOUS - Rodney On The Roq Volume I (LP)




The Future Looks Bright Radio Promo LP (Only 500 pressed) PBS 120: VARIOUS - The Future Looks Brighter (Radio promo version) (LP)

500 white label vinyl versions pressed without cover art for radio promotion.


Various Artists: The Future Looks Bright (Cassette) PBC 120: VARIOUS - The Future Looks Bright (CASS)

Originally a 1981 cassette only release with 500 white label vinyl versions pressed without cover art for radio promotion.
Posh Boy supplied the bands for Side A, SST Records the bands for Side B. SST bands included Black Flag, Descendents, Saccharine Trust and the Stains.


The Future Looks Brighter LP PBS 120: VARIOUS - The Future Looks Brighter (LP)

In 1987, following a parting of the ways with the then highly successful SST, Posh Boy decided to re-package the Future Looks Bright album, adding additional tracks by Social Distortion, T.S.O.L., Redd Kross, Shattered Faith and Channel 3. Each configuration - l.p., cassette and CD - managed to have different track listings!


The Future Looks Brighter CD PBCD 120-2: VARIOUS - The Future Looks Brighter (CD)




ROTR Volume 2 PBS 123: VARIOUS - Rodney On The Roq Vol II (LP)

The second collection of Rodney Bingenheimer favorites (1980) featured some genuine classics. Posh Boy stopped manufacturing this record in 1993.


Punk And Disorderly LP PBS 131 : VARIOUS - Punk and Disorderly (LP)


Punk And Disorderly CD PBCD 131-2: VARIOUS - Punk and Disorderly (CD)(IP)

Great compilation - lots of forgotten but epic bands. Includes some prime early Oi! And the DK's with "Kill The Poor." Originally, Channel 3's U.K. hit "I Got A Gun" was included on the second volume : Further Charges. The track was added to the U.S. compact disc release.


Posh Hits Volume 1 PBS 8138: VARIOUS - Posh Hits Vol. 1 (LP)



ROTR Volume 3 PBS 140: VARIOUS - Rodney On The Roq Vol. III (LP)

The first 5000 pressings or so of ROTR 3 did not contain The Vandals' hit Urban Struggle. The first 10,000 jackets did not list the Vandals' track, so there were quite a few people who received the treat of a track not listed on the record jacket. Finally, by early 1983 the jacket copy began agreeing with the label copy !


Box Set: History Of Rik L Rik PBS 88101-1 BOX SET : History of Rik L Rik (3-LP's)

Contains PBS 101 (F-Word !: Like It Or Not-Live), PBS 102 (Beach Blvd Comp.) and PBS 119 (Rik L Rik: The Lost Album.) Total of 300 boxes manufactured. Sold out.


Box Set: The Posh EP's Vol 1 PBS 88111-1 BOX SET : The Posh E.P.'s Vol. 1 (3-EP's)

Contains PBS 1009 (Stepmothers: All Systems Go EP), PBS 1010 (Redd Kross: Annette's Got The Hits EP), PBS 1011 (Social Distortion: ) and liner notes. Total of 700 boxes manufactured. Sold out. See the 2/24/98 Guestbook entry for discussion of the Social Distortion masters.


BOX SET: The Singles Vol. 1 (LP)

German set - includes PBS 1 (F-Word!), PBS 3 (Simpletones), PBS 11 (Social Distortion) and PBS 12 (Agent Orange).


The Best Of Rodney On The Roq CD PBCD 88155-2: VARIOUS - The Best of Rodney On The Roq (CD)

Re-released in 1992 through Rhino Records minus Social Distortion's 1945 and Cristina's Is That All There Is, replaced by Rik L Rik's epic The Outback. Manic Hispanic in their punk rock comedy album The Menudo Incident show their love for Rik's work in a most perverse manner.

Visit the Rhino Records web-site for track listing(s) and ordering information. Search using catalog number 71099.


The Posh Boy Story (More Or Less) CD 8160-2: VARIOUS - The Posh Boy Story (More Or Less) (CD)

Released in U.K. by Damaged Goods DAMGOOD 11


Rikk Agnew: Smash Demos Volume 2 PBCD 8163-2: RIKK AGNEW: SMASH DEMOS VOL. 2 (CD)(IP)
Includes tracks from Face to Face, Das Klown and Jughead's Revenge. Trust Rikk to help put together some prime time cuts. The CD title is somewhat misleading : there is no Volume 1, but Rikk has been working on Volume 3. Since this volume took at least 2 years from 1991 onwards to reach the public, don't hold your breath for the next one. Interestingly enough, this CD was released also in Germany (Musical Tragedies/EFA) and also in Japan (JIMCO), receiving far more exposure outside the U.S.A. than within.



Updated December 1999